Saturday, September 22, 2012

Three Things

Somewhere there is a lighthouse keeper, still keeping watch...

Waking up to this morning's blogroll was like Christmas in September.

First, there were Tome and Navi who answered a question I had forgotten I asked back in August:

This has probably already been a Blogazeroth question, in one form or another, but I was thinking with all the new things we're excited about, what are three things that you will not "leave behind," no matter what, in the brave new world? Think of the farming you've been doing, the achievements and mounts you've been trying to get, the planning and preparation, whether you've played the Beta or not: but of all those things, there are things you have that are dear to you--what are they? Think of three things. Just three. This is definitely related to the things you keep in your bags/bank question, or the big "meta" about enjoyment of game, but here is the twist: I want a story, please, even if a short one. Let me know what souvenirs and toothbrushes you have along your journey.

Not only did they answer the call, but in their wonderful ways:

Addendum: Cymre added hers - gorgeous -

Second, Erinys crafted a carefully constructed "how it should have been" response to Theramore that I feel fully gives it its gravitas, emotion, and the thoughtfulness we lovers of lore and stories felt it deserved:

I want to note this suggestion, as it too brought tears to my eyes:

  • A wand which is usable by everyone which conjures the smokey golden image of little giggling Gnome girl. At night if you’re by any street lamps which aren’t currently lit, as she floats past, they would automatically light. A permanent version of the one mentioned in the book which made me cry so much.

Third, Tzufit provides her readers with something I love, love love: a list!

Thank you so much all - everything fits and are all in my favorite colors!


  1. Yeah, I really think Blizzard should think about hiring Erinys. Everything was wonderful but the wand was absolutely perfect.

    1. And I am sure she is quite humble about her talents, too -

  2. HOw could we not participate in your shared topic? D

    1. Well, I like to come up with these but sometimes find it hard to fulfill my own threads of thought! Thanks, Navi!

  3. It was a good excuse to use some pretty pics :P


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