Sunday, September 9, 2012


Dornaa and the Bloodmoon

Tonight I needed to take care of the inhabitants of the Matty-shack, and could not attend the last run of the ICC run with Bear and the Gang. On one hand, I did manage to finish getting the mount/achievement with some who are near and dear to me, but am sorry I couldn't see it through with the Bear group, too. Ah, being two places at once is doable for most women, but alas, three is even out of my level of multi-tasking skill.

Late summer in the Northwest is one of the superlative honey-wind, cool breeze and apple-crisp rainy times of the year. The air starts to get that tinge of scarecrow whispers and goose honks, and when the sun clings to late horizon eyes, it is warm and sweet. I love it. Sunday nights are a regrouping night, and depending on how the year is going, can be an evening that requires a small confrontation with a number of blues: Sunday nights can suck, and not because of the "Someone's Got a Case of the MOOOOndays," but more the realization that what promises to be great and productive on Thursday nights became diminished reality around 7:19PM on Sunday nights.

The weekend is over, and the mundane ran out of time.

One thing I did do over the weekend was play with a character I started for an RP story, Dornaa. Dornaa is Mataoka's adopted daughter, coming-of-age in Azuremyst. Leveling the same class but two years' later is wonderful and strange. Though some things are familiar, and yes, there have been changes to shamans that are still odd and nonsensical (example: the fake totems that drop? Why do we need placeholders? It's an insult.). Dornaa is her own character, and comes across surprises and familiar faces to the Draenei community. Through her questing, I am learning more about lore and connections.

As I become more a part of the WoW community, I am also finding out more about myself, and the good folks out there. I know when I log in, my alternative Hearthstone will be just as warm and inviting as my real hearthstone. I'll keep the light on for you, too.

Update: Theme Song:
Of Monsters and Men/Little Talks


  1. What a lovely analogy :)

    1. Thanks, Navi! Bet you feel the same way, too...

  2. When I saw Dornaa was out and about I thought maybe she'll be telling us stories! I always wanted to know what happened to Dornaa when she grew up.

    1. It was the catch-22 of narratives: I actually had to spend some time with her to begin to gather her story, but yes, there will be stories! One of my goals this summer was to write, and I fell far short of what I had intended to do. The road to hell is paved with full ink cartridges? Something like that. She is definitely her own girl, that is for sure.


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