Friday, September 7, 2012

Freedom of Information: Headcanon

Oh, dang, I hope I have time to write all I wanted to write this morning.

First - I have to jot down this dream I had before I woke up. I was friends with a girl named Emily who moved to London to work in an office where her dad was CEO and she became engaged to a guy back in the states who was a farmer and he looked like Kip from Napolean Dynamite and he liked to date African-American women, but Emily was Caucasian and she was really getting to enjoy her life in London and I went there to see if I could talk her out of marrying Kip only because her life was becoming so amazing and life on the farm with Kip would be very limiting not to mention that he might end up having affairs because he didn't really love Emily and I had to use the restroom and there was only a tiny paper folded blind for the door that latch on the bottom with a brass eye-hook and it was right by the secretrary's desk so I got shy and just waited until I got to my own place and there were bars all around London and I couldn't find Emily but after I tried to use the restroom but couldn't I started a conversation with the secretary and she was looking at the wedding invitations for Emily and they were kind of large and ugly but we both made pleasant conversation until we were both honest and said how we both thought Emily was making a huge mistake and then I met up with Emily in the courtyard on a small berm where she was playing with her blue-eyed white kitten and then the secretary trotted by with a square-metric size of chocolate toffee bar and then the rugby team interupted us and then I woke up to the blaring alarm.

Emily: Don't Marry Kip

Did you see Navi's post the other day that is a blow-by-blow account of her day? It was awesome. The point of bringing it up is I would bet most of our days are like that too. If I am at work, however, I cannot do a single thing that has to do with WoW, or it turns out, read anything about WoW. In fact, I can't do much of any research on anything. I saw this post by Tzufit on a Blog Azeroth topic, which I missed, and then when I went to do more research on it at work, "headcannon," every single site was blocked. Everything: from Tumblr, to Reddit, to Yahoo Answers; anything that had a forum feed of any shape, pixel or size was/is blocked by my work environment. The most I could see was that 'headcannon' appears to be a new-ish term in the jargon of writing fiction. Is it, Tzufit? I would say "newish" because it seems to be specifically tied in with 20th and 21st centuries media. For those who know me, my bread-and-butter is information, and access to it, in all forms that are appropriate, so you are probably thinking to yourself, "Damn, I bet that pisses Matty right off," and you'd be right.

But okay, I'm at home now, about to go to work in a few, and I love this idea of headcannon. In fact, without knowing the term, I wrote this post back in July that I think answers most of the character's headcannon questions: Quirky Girls.

There are of course things I would add to their narratives, but first I must go save Emily from making a terrible mistake.

PS Urban Dictionary spells it "headcanon" with one n. Must do more research.


  1. First, I guess it should come as no surprise but that dream sequence made so much sense to me without all the pesky punctuation.

    That headcannon topic was so interesting that I got lost in thought about it and as usual missed actually posting about it. It is so easy to sidetrack me.

    I even remember when you posted Quirky Girls and I tried at the time to come up with what my thoughts were on my bunch but probably got distracted by the ice cream truck.

    1. I love inspiration like this, but dang not sure I will be able to meet deadlines. I am sitting faffing around after hours making my list and checking it twice, cause I am feeling like its time to finish what I started on some stories.


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