Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Morning Ephemera

Ephemera: Transitory written materials

Damn, there is a word for everything!

Well, that's just a fancy word for brain-dump. It's early on a Saturday morning, and the cluttered computer desktop full of snips and bits of screenshots and ideas needed some sorting. But like the laundry basket at the Matty-shack, just because it's washed doesn't mean it doesn't sit for a week (or two). This is my collection of thoughts and surprises around Azeroth:

This has been on Ask Mr. Robot for about a week or so...what does this mean? But yes, yes sir! I am having Problems with My Shaman!

But she still crackles with heat... 
This is the damage meter from one attempt on heroic Ultraxion that last raid night - yes, was feeling much better*
*I am still ruminating about my stupid post the other day. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I still shake my head over how much I over-think things. Working on it, folks. Working on it.

Awhile back, I did manage to finish getting Heartichoke to level 85 for the guild, albeit it was too late, and now we have to wait for a gnome monk to move through the ranks for that 8th Bank Tab. Thanks Blizz. Thanks.

Okay: When Kellda was trotting through Eastern Plaguelands, she came across this beautiful undead Draenei woman, Deiza Plaguhorn. I realize Draenei Deathknights appear this way, but of course, made me long for more options for characters. Why can't we have Forsaken Draenei, or Draenei or Night Elf warlocks? Is this a national security issue? Would the world come to an end? Might it cause ingrown toenails and bad breath? 

It is very odd to be leveing a shaman without totems. Very odd indeed. And watch out Blood Elf Bandit! Dornaa has big friends...

This is one of my fairy-tale wishes, that I could speak any language fluently. Wish I had a glyph like this.

Nothing, just that Haanta is beautiful.

Kellda came across her cousin in the Swamp of Sorrows: may or may not grow into a full story.

Okay: This. This! What the heck?! There is a goblin in the Swamp who runs a "dance club" for gentlemen. Okay Blizzard - fair play. I'm not a "Magic Mike" sort of woman, but there may be those who are! This little joint is kind of sleazy, but I must admit, this is the kind of grit in Azeroth, the little hideaways, that keep it interesting. Besides, the GNP would drop precipitously is these sorts of establishments closed.

Giants in Stormwind!

Nopity: I dig your style, man.

Eeek. Rift Stalker Helm.

Ceniza having fun with her Glyph of Illusion, native style...
Fancy style...

This is a beautiful dress Ceniza found on the discount rack for only 500g...she is stylish, and a bargain hunter...

This is for my friend Turk: this is the screenshot of The Crazy Ones reaching level 25- the one moment you weren't on - for you!

The Beautiful Ysera...
Okay, now I can file all these screenshots away, and start the day anew!


  1. Lovely shots! Oh I do like the dance club in the swamp, i need to go see that!

  2. Darn, I saw that too at Mr. Robot and thought you might know. And oh my, you have an eye for splendidly attired human males!


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