Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Importance of Less is More.

Well, most of the time, to me, more is more. I can't seem to get around it. I build walls of books, papers, notebooks, and somesuch. The road to Hell is paved with good sticky notes for me.

Consider this a spin-off of Navi's "Day in the Life of a Griefer" and "Seven Deadly Sins" diatribe. Navi's blog is...amazing. Check out her tweet-cursion with Ghost Crawler, too.

First, the good news:

But first, great news! Effraeti, the beautiful, outspoken, and amazingly creative writer has begun a fresh blog to showcase and share her craft: Please bookmark and visit her soon and often.

From Work to Keyboard to Bed: 

Stating the obvious, yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesday is normally raiding night. After Monday, however, and from what I read in guildchat from my RL, I thought tonight was going to be cancelled because we kept having no-shows. (I am actually seriously worried about my friend Animals, who was a regular visitor to his Azerothian characters, but hasn't logged on in ten days.) I misunderstood him, he was saying that that Monday night would be cancelled. I just protracted it to include Wednesday. Damn, good think I logged on because he gets upset with no-shows, and the only way to let him know we can't make it is the guild forum. This is really inconvenient for me because I cannot go to the guild site from work. I can't do anything WoW related, blog related, information related, at work. The inter-tubes are all blocked. I have asked him if I could use an anonymous Twitter account, with the response Twitter is evil. It is, but it's also a fast and easy way to shoot someone a PM and be about your business. Now that I have my Armory and remote chat working on my phone, however, this shouldn't be an issue anymore. I'll just whisper someone in game to let him know in case something happens. I see it now, on the side of the road in a ditch, left femur sticking out, and me trying to talk to the police and send a guild message: "Ack...tell.....Loth.....sorry......bleeding pretty bad here, Hoss....can'" Whatever. I was there. Call me Swiss Clock, beeotches, because I am always on time.

So off we go. The core group is there, but alas, some are not. That has been the number one issue with our team is consistent appearances. The group as a whole is not ready for heroics because we never have the same group twice it seems.

Three Times a Charm (when I get to talk)

So, to Ultraxion. He did "let me stay out" during this fight, probably because he had no other choice. When we tried it last time before last, right after patch, I wasn't used to timing and DBM, so I got to practice once. The next time, when he told me I wasn't allowed to be a button pusher, I didn't get to practice at all. Last night, however, I practiced once: hit Astral Shift at the wrong time. Tried again: Hit it at the wrong time, but then got to talk it over - some other players were jumping in and offering their insight, but once I got to clear a path of communication to Loth, it was super clear. I hit Astral shift at the perfect time, all was well, but everyone else still wiped anyway. We voted whether or not to continue in Heroic mode and I said I didn't care, because I knew how to push Astral Shift at the right time. (Insert Smiley Face here.) (See what happens when I get to have a brief conversation about a play mechanic? I learn it. Go figure.)

That one success, though, didn't seem to help this funk I was in last night, however. I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it was because Loth pretty much informed us that we would be starting from scratch, and having to "audition" all over again. This is exactly the opposite of where I wanted to be now. I wanted to be with a solid raid team, who likes one another, isn't snippy, or snarky, or just plain know-it-all-y disrespectful. For the most part, I found that. But with no-shows, and other RL things, the whole of the group, not the parts, hasn't gelled apparently. And I'll be honest: I'm not sure I'll get a spot, and that makes me really sad. So sad, there were tears.

To top things off, when our very sweet warlock asked about head enchants, two guildies who were helping us out piped in and said no, and I said I wish that the shoulder enchants were BOA now, too. They adamantly told me they were, and I said I didn't think so. They were so adamant, and seemed so sure of themselves, this is where my "sin of allowing myself to be bullied" comes in. (Oh, yes, I have way more sins than those seven.) I went to go see for myself, even though I had leveled what, six? Seven characters to 85 since Cataclysm came out, and all of them had to grind for Therrazane rep for those damn shoulder enchants. But they assured me they were BOA because they had them. I took Matty to see the rock dudes, and no, still soulbound. When they said "patch" I misunderstood and thought they meant THIS patch, because it would make sense, right? I mean, to take away head enchants that were BOA, and since all alts share achievements, why not make either Therrazane exalted rep all 'round AND shoulder enchants BOA? But no - we know Blizzard's decisions are not logical like that. (To state, perhaps they were at one point, but haven't been as far as I know from my play experience for a year.)

And no. The shoulder enchants are not BOA.


So, long night, and not because of game mechanics. It was something else. Something else is gnawing at me.  My DPS is sucking, just hitting below 30k, just a hair or two, but numbers are numbers and numbers don't lie. Feeling---something. Not safe? Not welcome? All of the above. So we'll see.

Back to the Heart of the Game

As I'm going to bed, wiping tears away, (again for some unknown funk that got a hold of me), I see Cross-Dressing Rogue is playing his beautiful hunter, Waiata. He tells me as he's playing, (and he has a beautiful spirit bear he obtained before this cross-server nonsense), another player asks him about his character's name. He took it from a Crowded House album, and just believed it to be generically Aboriginal. The player thought it was Maori, and long story short, yes. They struck up a conversation about the Finn brothers, and what huge fans they both are, and that the player (who was from New Zealand) didn't think a band from Australia/New Zealand would have had such reach. We laughed - was he joking?! Neil Finn is one of the greatest song writers EVER. 

Ahem. Sorry. That's my fangirl side coming out. Anyway--here's the deal. You want me on your team? I have a lot more to offer than a few points of DPS. I'm nice. I'm funny. And I'm smart. And if not, it's cool. Just let me know. That's my other big sin. I don't do well with vacuums of communication.

Here's what I got:
Enh/Resto Shaman
Wonderful Holy Priest Healer
Fire Mage
Prot/Holy Paladin

Resto Druid
Mark/BM Hunter
Blood DK

So, more is more. What struck me is with all these characters, who was going to lead them, and in what spec, to MoP, if at all?

Theme Song: Better Be Home Soon/Paul Hester tribute


  1. Oh my dear Matty /hug
    Firstly, thank you for drawing attention to my silly posts :)
    Secondly, don't be sad yet! Wait till mists before you make any hasty decisions about leaving. You were doing ok there!
    Thirdly... /big hugs!!!!

  2. Yeah ... no, you get the BOA shoulder enchants from a Goblin dealer who is in the sewers of Dalaran on uneven days of even months. I'm sure that's what they meant. His name is Blinky, but don't stare at his crazy eye he's real sensitive about it.

    I hope things start looking up soon, /hug!

    1. Time... For the love of god you are the funniest person I have e er known. Now I am crying laughing.

  3. Aww Matty, end of the expansion funk. A lot of people, including raid leads, are confused or double minded. Don't take it personally, they probably don't know what to do with themselves either. And I can bet you raid leads are just as, if not more frustrated by people not showing up for raids.

    Best to take a break and come back for the launch events. Play whatever is fun and engaging. There will be plenty of room at level 90 for whatever you level first. :)

    1. Thank you so much Thunder...holy crap is that insightful! I want to call you Doc now because I think your diagnosis is right on the money. I'm going to take two minions and call you in the morning, or something like that!

  4. Anonymous14.9.12

    Thanks for the mention of the new blog, hun. :) Hoping to get some time to move over my stories, and finish the story I am currently working on. (An Effy story I told Navi I would finish during her Navispam! D'oh! What a slacker I am!) Guild Wars 2 and finishing building my new computer have been taking up a lot of time, though.

    Soon, promise! :)

    ~ Effy


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