Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RTMT:The Rules of Me

My Random Tuesday Morning Thought for this long patch day* is about Rules. I was thinking the other day about the meeting where colleagues let it be known publicly about my foibles and not-so-endearing quirks, and I realized each of us have "rules" that we try to play by, or expect others to know our unwritten ones. There was a horrible book written many years ago called The Rules written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the gist essentially that women should play coy, and this struck me: How to be a Creature Unlike Any Other (CUAO). Are they talking about a fancy-dressed goblin mage? A Druid with an unlisted number and a full dance card? Wow, who knows? If one is spending that much time making oneself into a CUAO, then how do they know when their one true love is sending signals? 

Okay, so I'm not talking about those kinds of rules, but our personal codes, our personal rules, that if others would try to respect, and we theirs, it would be cool. These are not hard and fast rules, by any stretch--take them as suggestions.

1. Don't say "I'm showing my age." Just because I've heard of Yoko Ono does not mean I'm old. Well, I am old, but not too old to play, think, have thoughts, or opinions. Many things I know and say are because of two simple things, that when working together create knowledge: experience and reading. And remember, as my Dad always says,  I am older than you, and can still spit on your head." (It's a metaphor people, my dad never spit on my head.)
2. Understand my Monty Python references, and have some of your own. I will love you forever.
3. Don't be afraid to tease me. I got a new nickname last night, "Loo-Woo." It's perfect.
4. Know that I am never out to hurt you, and I hope the same is true for you to me.
5. Don't take this too seriously.
6. Send me a surprise once in awhile. Again, I will love you forever.
7. Be kind to small animals, gnomes, and children, at least in my presence.
8. Talking about your colonoscopy in guildchat: not cool. 
9. Try not to be too judgemental: see #1.
10. If drakes drop, it should be free rolls. Period.

What are your rules? I put this as a Shared Topic on Blog Azeroth - would love to see what you all cook up, you CUAOs!

Theme song: Tighten Up/The Black Keys

Random Awesome website: http://www.kuriositas.com/

*Not like I could play anyway, long RL day ahead.


  1. OH i can't wait to join in on this topic!

  2. I like yours but I'll try to think up some of my own, I must have them, I'm just not in touch with them, lol!

  3. I like! Hopefully I can come up with something interesting. I see that although many of these rules are not WoW-related, because they are unique to you they must carryover into how you play the game and interact with others in it!

  4. Cool! Link it if you post something; at this point, the cross pollination between real and virtual lives is fairly routine. Not sure I can separate the two very well...

    1. I posted it in the BA thread. I feel like it leaned more towards WoW behavior but of course that behavior is influenced by my personal real life values so... :)


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