Friday, September 21, 2012

Neri Approves: Mother Nature's Daughter

This month's Neri Approves is a theme of natural beauty.  Please vote for your favorite paladin, Luperci.

There is something Neri wrote that is not quite accurate, at least for Luperci. I do have a Druid, a very beautiful one, Momokawa, but in choosing who would best represent the true call of nature, Luperci was the clear choice. (No offense, Druids, but that's kind of low-hanging fruit from your own treant form....) No, I joke--really.

But Luperci--Luperci's story:

Luperci is a Paladin, a Protection Paladin. She has been increasingly dissatisfied with her work in the cities and harsh, choking dangers in dungeons. She never felt so worthy, so valued, as she did when she was working with Tauren, Night Elves, and her ancestors, in Zangermarsh. She earned her exalted reputation with the Cenarion Expedition in order to earn the blacksmithing skills to make her own Wildguard legguards and chest, which she wears proudly. The Guardians are grateful for her strength and kindness, and know she is truly meant to be a protector of the earth, water, and air, and will walk with the Earth Mother till the end of her days. She is seen speaking with her comrade and dear friend, a Cenarion Warden. 

Helm: N/A
Mace: Gurubashi Punisher
Shield: Her pride and joy, a gift from a beloved friend in Darnassus, who fell during the cataclysm: Emerald Shield
Gloves: Fel Iron Gloves
Waist: Rickety Belt
Leg: Wildguard Legguards
Chest: Wildguard Chest
Feet: Emerald Sabatons

And, in Luperci's narrative, she is a bisexual, and her character is modeled after a very dear friend of mine, who is one of the most honest, brave, and 'champions of the underdogs" I have been honored to know. I am planning on some sort of donation for this, but am only saying that NOT to get your votes - I truly want Luperci to win on her own merits. Besides, I have probably insulted all of Elune's children with my tiny jab up there, so -- like a politician on a bad, unintended YouTube video, I am sorry. Regardless, I saw this on Twitter, and this is a cause that is very important to me: (click image for link)

So, please go vote. Vote for Luperci. And do something good today.

Postcript: Since I seem to be on a roll for offending elves, consider the beauty found in a few curves.

Theme song: Mother Nature's Son/The Beatles


  1. Catwynn's in a huff so I'll have to vote on the sly. She says she's in that 47% of Druids.

    1. Well, I haven't seen her at any fundraisers lately....

      LOL, Tome!!!!


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