Saturday, September 15, 2012

Five-Star Kiting

Kellda is running around Dalaran, and went to go take a nap at her Inn, The Heroes' Welcome, and had a tough time getting to her room:
Gymer, King Of Storm Giants after a three-day bender
Someone, or some ones, not sure how, kited and killed Gymer, King of Storm Giants to the lobby of this inn in Dalaran. It was quite shocking, have no doubt. I asked Xak about it, and he said it was probably some bored players. I asked, bored...or creative?!

This was his response:

Gymer is in Zul'Drak. How the hell did those players get him up the steps into Dalaran?

What is the craziest thing you've ever seen in Azeroth?


  1. Ooh nice one. That's a new one. :)

  2. Anonymous15.9.12

    Apparently, some people were either hearthing or using their mage teleports while riding him for a specific Zul'Drak quest.

  3. Never seen that before!

  4. Oh, that's a great one! That is without doubt the craziest kite I've ever seen!

  5. I think I may, if I have time today, take Ceniza out for a few kiting excursions...


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