Friday, September 28, 2012

Zen and the Art of Class

I have big plans again this Friday night, and unfortunately for Mataoka, they don't include leveling. However, I have to express this huge, fat SQUEEE - was talking to CDR who's leveling a Pandaren, and he told me of this very cool ability called Zen Pilgrimage.  Basically, it's a spell that takes you to the Peak of Serenity to hang out with other monks.


Whew. Not very chi of me. Sorry.

But that is exactly what I was wanting! And I pray that Blizzard doesn't stop with monks. I think every class should have its own place, it's own club, VIP lounge if you will, where there are other trainers, and it feels very much a part of the culture of the class.

For example, hunters could fly to a Hunter's Lodge, where the wood fires are always full of crackling meats and the mugs of ale always frothy and cold, and the trainining dummies are equipped with feedback on how one is doing. The Paladins could have a holy place to reflect and train; Shamans a rotating meeting grounds of elemental goodness - fire, water, earth, and air places; Druids would converse in special groves (they do have Moonglade, but the trick is to teleport back out). And therein lies the issue - the monks can go right back to their places. Though Druids and Death Knights have their special zones, they are stuck there once there, and there is no special training. Rogues could be transported to the Ravenholdt Manor; and Warlocks? Are you joking?! How amazing would their place be?! Priests could meet on the dark side of the moon; Mages can meet in an inn with delicious food (they are the jet-setters, after all); Warriors could meet in mock battles in an armory; and of course Death Knights in Ebon Hold.

This is just the start of an idea -- come on Blizzard! You've already made my expansion dreams come true, and I hope you don't stop there!


  1. If I could only make up my mind about what flavor of monk to roll I would start one, as soon as I can take a break from pet battling. I think leveling is pretty much off the board at this point!

  2. it would seem pet battling is that addicting? I am in deep trouble! I plan on doing a series of posts about these imaginary fortresses, and would ask for your and Navi's Druid insight but I see you are otherwise preoccupied!


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