Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where the day will take me...

Oh! This is kind of cool!

Wonder what I can find, too?

And this?! I put a wish out to the universe a few days ago, thinking about asking Bear if he would do another writing challenge:

Oh, snap, wait. Just read the fine print. I have to critique something I wrote. Damn. Well, crud. I didn't notice a deadline (I crave deadlines), so I am going to have to be self-disciplined. But, it's funny, you know, because I was thinking about the same things lately--that I haven't been writing enough stories, or finishing up ones I started, and there are a few rattling around in my pea-brain. Recently, I got asked to be a part of the PSWP again, so hooray! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am going to be back on campus a few Saturdays with other flesh and blood grownups who write. The WoW blogging community has more than fulfilled my heart's desire though of love and creative support.

I might even throw my hat, or horns, in the ring for this, too: but again, if I get a few votes, they will be changed to donations.

Yes, it's 5:01AM, and yes, Mr. Sandman sucker-punched me once again, so I have a nice, long day ahead. Maybe I'll actually get some yard work in, too.

Theme song: Booksmart Devil/Silversun Pickups

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