Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 15: Season (and Tome don't look)

#wowscreenshotaday September

In Azeroth, depending on the zone, one could visit four seasons in one day. From Storm Peaks to the misty gloom of Duskwood, the bright shores of Booty Bay to the autumnal secrets of Crystalsong Forest. But here in earth, as the Southern Hemisphere moves to their spring and we "Winter is Coming" Northerners move to fall and winter, seasons are not static. Even if you live somewhere where there are no real seasons, you will notice shifts of mood and tone. In the mornings, in my neighborhood, the fog fills the spaces like an unwelcome guest, and is bounced at by the sun around noon.
Spider protecting the Matty-shack from flying critters...
The best thing I did this summer was leave the wysteria alone. Benign neglect kept it thriving. The ones in the pots are rootbound and dead: I know there is a lesson here. I'll dig it up later.

Theme Song: Four Seasons in One Day/Crowded House


  1. The stairs of forgotten memories strikes again. I left a long rambling comment on this post on the stupid little iPad. Then it told me to login to my account and ate the comment.

    I just remembered, lol. Can't remember what I said but dammit I'm going to comment to spite the iPad. Must stop reading blogs on that thing in the morning.

    1. Yesterday Siri called my friend an "amoeba" in a talk-to-text message. I am not sure how Siri heard me say "amoeba" and not "open the door" but apparently, we are at war. With Siri.

      I apologize about the spider: there were several of them who had built strategically-located webs around the house to catch the late summer flies. Smart girls. Smarter if they stay outside, too.


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