Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RTMT: Mi Familia and Day 17: Right in front of me...

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Today's RTMT is brought to you by a big cup of coffee, a few dirty dishes in the sink, and a big, fat, to-do list for today that may or may include anything in Azeroth. Oh, who am I kidding? As soon as I get home and get dinner going, I'll be there, smelling burning fish sticks and hoping for more pets or mounts.

Let's see where we are with things:

*Mataoka: sulking with her pretty cloak, hating melee, knowing she needs to go back to elvui and do some damage, people! Invited to Flex raids on Wednesday nights but has family obligations that chop up the hours on that night. Refer to below.

*Luperci: has all the gear and item level she could possibly need to start tanking, yet lacks the biggest buff of all: confidence.

*Ceniza: this isn't really working out for her.
*Zeptepi: ditto
*Momokawa: cannot get an RNG break for a better healing staff or maces. Last seen chasing butterflies with Sasquatch around Mt. Hood.
*Kellda: "You want it dead? I know a guy... " Nothing gets in this girl's way. Well, maybe a few things. But like the recalcitrant honey badger, Locks don't care.

*Haanta: SKIN ALL THINGS....howl at moon, skin some more.

I know this is irrational but I really have a hard time going in there on any character but Haanta. It's like leaving money on the table with all that dead stuff just lying there ready for the taking. But I need to get in there with my inscriptors to see if I can get my own Glyph of Rain of Frogs.  I know my buddy Turk got this and I pestered him so much for it I finally got an all-caps response. Deserved, yes, but I didn't see his first responses in the reams of chat. I tried to fix my communication channels but it's still clogged with trolls and junk mail. But I won't bug him anymore, I'll just go get my own. (Still kind of tearing up in over-sensitivity to my mistake. I hate getting all-capped. CD Rogue spends a lot of his conversation in all-caps.) But I'll fix my UI later, and try to streamline communication in Azeroth and real-life.

This skull wants something...not sure what. Sure it's right in front of me...

What a lovely surprise!
There is some bliss in ignorance when it comes to adventures in Azeroth. I have tried not to read anything about 5.4, and it's at the juncture where it's costing me time and gold. Getting the Ominous Flame was a great surprise: I named her Gaslight because I am crazy to play this 'game' so much. But now I'm at the point where I'd better start focusing a bit more, and go read Tome and Cymre's blogs, among others. And take notes.

The breakfast topic in WoW Insider is "Have you successfully recruited friends or family in the game?" If the measure of success is just getting someone to play, then yes, I myself was 'successfully recruited." How has that worked out? While CD Rogue and little cub have gone on to build rockets and launch space missions that would make Neil DeGrasse Tyson envious, and young leet druid is so pro at WoW and everything else, it's kind of like having Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain astro-physics to me. I kind of do that Scooby-Doo "hherrrruh?" face. In other words, the rest of the Matty-shack are not fans of how much I play. But as long as the fish tacos are ready and there is clean underwear, I guess they can tolerate it. But I have been told they regret it. It's my job as wife/mother to try to continually seek balance. One of my best friends the other day told me it's like a mobile: the mom's job is to keep everything moving gently and freely. I have since walked around feeling like Alexander Calder got a hold of my brain.

Speaking of which, it's almost 6:30 AM, I have a 7:30 AM meeting, and am not completely sure where I want the day to go. Planning for my days is critical to any success. I guess that's why I leave most of Azeroth unscripted and improvisational.

Theme Song:
Stupid Girl/Garbage

Speaking of Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

So here is my question for you: What is the most astounding fact about Azeroth?

Postscript: Saw this on Eriny's blog, and thought it looked like fun:


  1. it's funny, both cat and cim are around the same ilevel and i don't really like melee dps but i noticed things die a lot faster for cat. it's just all the stress I guess. cat's taking damage while cim just stands back and does her nails in between casts.

    oh! grats on gaslight! i have yet to have any rare give me anything but a few coins. not sure if it's because i usually end up getting there when they're nearly dead.

    there, not one single cap, don't want you upset.

    1. My buddy is one if the most patient and generous of friends: it did get my attention and that's a good thing: I do need to look at my UI set up and make it functional. CDRogue just gets upset at world events and low blood sugars. Your no-cap message cracked me up!! Leave it to my introvert friend to spot what I needed: you're the best Tome.

  2. Ooh grats on gaslight! I am hopeless with pets, I shall farm that cave more I think! Especially while I wait for that skull to spawn so I can try to find treasure again.

    1. I love this pet - looks really cool in Shadow Priest spec, too.

  3. Congrats on the pet, she's a beauty.


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