Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RTMT: Oh, It's On. It's Definitely On.

I'm sure Garrosh directly or indirectly had something to do with Blanchy's demise. 

Grumble, grumble. Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you by the letter "G," and only the letter "G." G is for grumble, as in: "I am grumbling because I wonder what part of 5.4 will be blocked for a partner/solo/altaholic player such as myself," and also, yes, the big guy, Garrosh. The man who puts the zest in my lemon squares and knows how to make all the librarians swoon with his grammatical prowess. If anything is blocked or obstructed for a player like me in 5.4, Garrosh has graciously opened the gates. Granted, I do not have any Level 90 Horde Toons. This is not due to any prejudice or xenophobic reaction. I just don't. Okay, sure, there was that Theramore thing. Ceniza the Ash Witch is still bitter, and cries herself to shameful sleep when she eats certain lemon squares, alone in the dark, remorseful but delicious. But other than that, you know the old saying, "Some of my best friends are Horde." Heck, if I could have an entire cast list of just Forsaken and Trolls, I would. I miss my goblin warlock, too. But a level 90 switch may not happen anytime soon. CD Rogue and I have been in deep financial negotiations in the Matty-shack, and they are not pretty. Kind of at the Breaking Bad tension level. Okay, not that bad. But I wish I had to spray a stack of money for silverfish.

In any case, his invitation to join him in his own demise seem genuine and gracious. If you can join him, you should. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, resetting on Tuesdays, of course.

(On a serious note, I do kind of wish this release wasn't timed close to the anniversary of a real world event. That's all I'll say.)

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  1. I saw that! Very gracious and un-Garrosh like, lol. I would lend you my Warlock but I doubt her iLevel comes close to what's required to get in the place.


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