Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4: Alone

#wowscreenshotaday - September

I am often alone in the real world, and the virtual one. Between varying time zones and work hours, often I don't see my guildmate Señor until the weekends, and even then we are both busy people. CD Rogue's sleep and health schedule is also polar opposite of mine: many the only times our paths cross is around 3AM if he has a low blood sugar and, or I have insomnia. Tome's schedule is different from mine, and Navi is hanging on for dear life upside-down in the Southern Hemisphere. Hang on, Navi! Let earth's gravitational forces keep you safe!

Being alone is something I relish, and sometimes even being lonely isn't so bad. It's the contrast that keeps things interesting. I worry about all the noise pollution in our inner and outer worlds young people are never allowing themselves the chance to get to know themselves, to just enjoy the peace, and time spent in their own heads. Perhaps I need to remind myself to not always seek company, seek contact, but if I am feeling edgy or anxious, retreat.

Theme song: Trentmoller/Miss You

Postscript: there is a lot of good news here:


  1. It makes it that much more special when we are on at the same time and I get to chat!

    As to being alone, I've got that down. The other day though my husband looked at me funny when I said I'm glad I'm not home alone all day. I wonder if he thought I had a male caller, lol. I meant the dogs.

    1. Well if the dogs don't work let me know and I'll leave a note for my milkman! HAHAHAHA I crack myself up! I love chatting with you too even if usually does start off with a gripe! You're so patient with me!


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