Sunday, September 29, 2013


Do any players still act like asshat nerdboogers in LFR anymore?

Don't write angry.
Don't write angry.
Don't write angry.

Not working.

Siege of Orgrimmar is tough, even in LFR. I love Flex cause I am there with people with good communication skills. And stupid me, I thought, maybe, just maybe one more time before roll-over on Tuesday, my poor little druid could get a better healing weapon, and then I'd put Zep to work with enchants and Momma Matty to work with some gems. Get her all dressed up for the ball, you know? But alas, the evil stepsisters tore it all to hell:

Spacetwinkie and Junniper: You are ugly inside.

And, the RNGs do not love a druid named Momokawa. 

[I am slipping into third person voice as a Gestalt-response to recent LFR trauma]:

Momokawa is so beautiful, so fun, but damn that girl cannot get a break with a healing weapon. Consider running every LFR, doing every free/bonus roll, and the only one she has is the staff from the big puddle boss thing who squeaks. No gem from Dragon-boy - just lousy with all that. And her human is very, very busy.

And apparently out of gold from all the repairs bills from Timeless Isle and other LFRs. No joke.

Why I thought I could run one real quick before going to the store, I'll never know.

First of all - the players do have a point: I do not have items enchanted or gemmed, because I am flat broke. This is the last of the screenshots:

But it started with this: Zoning into the Dark Shaman fight, and Spacetwinkie started some shit: (scroll to bottom)

Spacetwinkie first says to me "Let's kick Momokawa and get a real healer" because the group wiped so quickly, it wasn't even funny.

Now, I'd love to think I single-handedly can control the outcome of an LFR. Wouldn't that be amazing? I could save everyone, kill everything bad, find a cure for cancer and lose those last ten pounds. I COULD! Don't believe me? Well apparently the lack of two meta gems stood in my way of saving the world.

Do you notice their "air quote" quotes in his response to me?

And to be fair, Junniper joined in the conversation and they started a "shaming the player" conversation. They would NOT let it go. They only time they shut up was after the tank pulled the fight timer.

Well of course we wiped again, so fast, and upon death, these were the stats:
This is after the second wipe, right before I died and left the group. Not sure what point Space was trying to make...

BUT NOTICE Space's Item Level - 540!! Compared to my 509! NO WONDER! How dare I pollute Azerothian highways with my realiable junker while he sports an Escalade? His blaring horn blasts: MOMOSUCKS to one and all...tire marks on my poor back.

In fact, every player above me had a higher gear score. Rixxii didn't say a word, Ellana kept her own council; only Junniper and Spacetwinkie needed to shame me.

Now, I had just spent hours - and I am not exaggerating -- hours in there on Kellda. Wipe after wipe, and all dps low, all heals low, everyone just trying not to die by the barrage of garbage Blizzard has thrown at us. I am dubbing the new fights the DBM Battles, cause if you do not have Deadly Boss Mods for this patch in particular, you are screwed.

Please Fairy Godmother RNG: Get me a better healing weapon!
Well, damn - guess what? I DO feel better! Well, in one aspect anyway. And I don't really want to go back to the old loot system; I just want a better way to get things I need. No one needs the Spacetwinkies and Junnipers of the world to shame or call out. It doesn't make me, or anyone, a "better" player -- I have the defenses of my blog/words. What I worry about are those folks out there who don't have that, those inner-shields of confidence and GFYS's. (Go...Flip...Yo...Self)...



Someday the RNGs will smile upon sweet Momokawa and grant her the gifts of the gods. But for now, she'll shamble over to the grocery store to pick up some sake and orange chicken. Ah, Space, if you only knew how awesome I am in real life - say it to my face, coward.

Postscript: Many of the healers were missing gems, too. If only that was the only problem in LFR.




  1. I am so sorry. :( I love the heck out of LFR because it lets me see content that I: a player who is probably only okay and who belongs to a guild too small to try raiding, would otherwise only imagine or youtube.
    But I hate LFR some days because people in there can be complete and utter garbage to other people with little or no provocation. May the gods of randomness be nicer to you next time, not just with drops but with the people you get queued in with.

    1. Thank you for the kind RNG prayer - this shabby little druid certainly needs it! In the meantime, I'll go scrounge up some gems, 'chants, and reforging and not give them any reason to fuss. Bluebirds! Woodland creatures! To my side! Away! :)

  2. This is why LFR has basically ruined WoW for me. My guild doesn't raid anymore, so LFR is pretty much my option. And I cannot stand how people act in it. Even if I'm not the one getting harassed, it really bothers me. And yes, I usually say something when people are being jerks, but it's a bit like trying to hold back an avalanche with a net.

  3. Well, damn. I would like to say my day got better, but alas, it did not. The whole reforging system seems a bit of a scam to me, too: I can understand the flexibility in adjusting gear stats, but when sporting crappy stuff seems a little much.

    oh. well. :(

  4. Cassaberee30.9.13

    Unfortunately this is simply part of WoW (and life). Some simply try to bring themselves up by bringing others down. I can understand some of the other healers not stepping in to comment, it simply isn't worth it. Those who get off on chastising others don't care about right/wrong or the value they bring.

    I agree LFR/LFD really killed a large aspect of the social side of the game while inversely opening up content to those who are limited by real life factors. Sorry it went badly, hopefully i'll make a reappearance in WoW next May, possibly at X-Mas time.

    I miss playing/chatting with ya! :D

  5. Oh no, Matty! That was awful but sadly not unexpected from my brief go at LFR. You're much braver though as I never returned preferring to putter around on my own pretending that everyone's nice. What bothers me most about the venom in LFR is that just how many people we meet in real life would be exactly like this if anonymous. Only the fact that we see them is stopping them, depressing.

  6. This is why I don't do LFR. I find raiding stressful enough without having annoying small minded people single others out for blame. /Hugs.

  7. Yes, Tome and I were just talking yesterday about how scary those dungeony things with strangers were. We both agreed they weren't as scary should a friend like you be around. There goes the thought that maybe with friends we could be brave.

    1. Knowing you are out there too makes me brave, more than I can say sometimes.

  8. Dahakha1.10.13

    I wish I could help you out by doing LFR with you...alas, that'll take ages, thanks to you fraternising with the enemy. :(

    Just remember, it is not your fault that people are dicks. All you can control is your own behaviour. Also, a punching bag can help deal with this kind of thing. Anger relief AND a good workout!


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