Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 23: From My Childhood (or check my achievement date)

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"It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Tom Robbins

Tome and I share this characteristic: we get focused, dammit. Seriously, folks, if we ever run for public office we would kick ass and take names, and one of those names might be yours. Luckily for you fine folks, we are too busy chasing butterflies and practicing therianthropy. And I think Tome would agree with me, or my sentiment at least, that any player who has found success in a raid team or otherwise is fantastic. We want you to have your shinies. We love them, too!

Perhaps the nature of any game is a certain amount of exclusion: not saying it's fair, right, or desired. It just is. I bring this up because the other day young leet druid reminded me about the wolf mount that drops in a ten man if I get Garrosh down "ahead of the curve." I missed out on Lei Shin, and now I see another train coming down the tracks that is going to forget to stop at the Matty-station. My first reaction: obsession. How was I going to get this one done? How could I find a raid team that fits my time demands, skill set, and personality?

To find a group that suits all three, and mine to them, now that should be a Feat of Strength. Like expecting Blizzard to give us cool mounts and pets on their anniversaries: impossible.

I mentioned my desires to a gentlemen with whom has been gracious to invite me along on their flex raids on Wednesday nights. I think Flex Raids are the greatest thing since French Vanilla creamer in little creamer packages. Turns out, that is the ONE night of the week that is chopped in twos by Matty-shack duties. Regardless, being in a Flex isn't going to get the 'chieve done. I need a REAL team people. He kindly told me it would be puggable before too long. scared of pugs.


Used to do some fun things with Big Bear and his pals, but he's got a new favorite shaman, so that's not going to happen. Let's see, let's see: maybe my big guild! Sure! Maybe I can recruit for that! Except I do not have experience in recruiting, and wouldn't know what to say: Hey, kids, join a forty-something shaman for a ten-man normal! No nerd raging, no down-talking, no bitching, no mumbling/girl-gamer voice (you know what I am talking about), no up-talking, have a sense of humor, don't take yourself too seriously, don't shout or whisper in Vent/Mumble, and for god's sake don't eat bran flakes before every pull and no you can't take your dog for a walk now! Sure. I'd bet they come in droves! Well, hmmm...what to do...what to do? Switch to Horde and beg Navi for a spot on her B team? No? There's a way to end a beautiful friendship. Stand in fire, spill hot coffee on lap, and go to emergency room.

I keep reminding myself that I can only raid two short-session raid nights a week at most, and even with that with A LOT of understanding from CD Rogue. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, so when night owls are doing their thing, even on the east coast, I need to be ready for sleep at 9:30PM.

Old ladies can't raid.

This is something I'll figure out, one way or another.


  1. If only there were an Old Lady Raiders guild I'd be right there with you, oh, except I have to walk the dog, lol.

  2. I'm an Old Lady Raider. Wait. I'd never Raid an Old Lady without her permission.

    To be an Old Lady Raider, we have two criteria: We get distracted easily and I really like Blondie. I should put that album in my rotation.

    1. You are such a gentleman. Matty! Matty! Look, we have three! Is that enough for a flex raid or do we need more old ladies?

  3. You know...I think we're onto something here. And if you don't like Deborah Harry's growling awesomeness...good stuff!

  4. I think that's an awesome name for a guild BTW :)


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