Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8: Made by me

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Made by me...

Heartichoke gets her leather on...

I love/hate professions in Azeroth: being somewhat of a crafty witch in real life, I love making things: I have made hand-painted furniture, murals in babies' and toddlers' rooms (and been paid real money for this talent), hand-made jewelry specializing in funky, chunky bracelets, necklaces, but dainty earrings (many suitable for belly-dancing, if I did that). Now the only things I seem to make are the intangible in Azeroth, and though it can be satisfying at times, it can be equally frustrating when I feel Blizzard shuts off supplies to those of us who are not active raiders. I haven't ever seen a single Haunting Spirit except for 10K gold in the AH. That. Pisses. Me. Off. When it comes to professions, it feels WAY too much like class warfare: the "rich raiders" get richer because they have access to the materials. I am for free public education. The best and most convincing gentleman to speak on this subject is John Green, author of many phenomenal novels. He talks fast: watch it twice.

Look, I get, and support grudgingly, that there are only mounts that drop in raids. There must be some perks to putting up with another group of humans who may or may not have your best interests at heart. I was talking with young leet druid yesterday, and the times I have had to make tough choices to leave raid teams--I would get in on a group in a weird progression spot (to date I have not completed BWD), CD Rogue's health issues required more of my attention in the evenings, or other scheduling conflicts, or have had other team members who were, um, well. Never mind. The past is the past. He said the true  elite raiders are never rude to anyone, or arrogant, and I thought this is true of the world, too. Heroic leaders and teachers show us all the path, and don't block or obstruct with condensation* condescension or arrogance.

I just wish that crafted items didn't cost so damn much gold. I still don't have all the jewelcrafting mounts, nor will I have this for months, maybe years: 5.4 Sky Golem.

Maybe someday.

*Mr. Snerguls busted me with that egregious malapropism. Yes, I hate when snotty players sweat on me. HAHA.


  1. That video was priceless, I smiled the whole way through.

    Yeah ... haunting spirits. I guess I won't go there, I promised myself I was not going to whine about feeling like a second-class WoW citizen. I'm not sure I'll manage it though, lol.

    1. Isn't that great? I think everyone should watch it, especially if for charter schools or haven't read a word since first grade.

      If you feel like you're whining too much, dang girl, I'm the biggest bitcher of all. The profession thing annoys the hell out of me. Maybe John Green can convince them.

  2. Anonymous8.9.13

    It's funny how they put limitations on these new pets when they don't want us learning more than two primary professions. I would love to have all the professions on one toon if the recipes were like raid loot. Otherwise you'd have a lot more complainers.

    1. That would be great: I wish we could have a "souvenir bag" so if one toon as a high level profession every toon can collect for them, or something! The way it works now just feels outdated.

  3. I couldn't agree more. Leveling professions in WoW feels like a chore yet making stuff in real life is rewarding and fun. I've just leveled engineering again and spent most of my time afk in windows whilst the game did the work.


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