Saturday, September 21, 2013

Days 20 and 21

#wowscreenshotaday September

Day 20 In the Morning

Mornings on the Isle are the best..

Confession: as I write this, my brain is fuzzy and tired. I have so much to do today (don't we all?!) and yet it seemed like a really good idea to stay up and watch This Is The End (because who doesn't want to see Jonah Hill make sweet, sweet love with a well endowed demon?) No, that is not a spoiler. None of you folks are low-brow enough to watch that self-indulgent albeit sporadically funny movie. Danny McBride is always a treat.

But the 'morning' post was intended for yesterday morning. I thought I had an hour to myself when young squire came downstairs and informed me, no, no I did not. I haven't had a chance to focus on my Fished-Up Wish Stories in weeks, and Navi's managed to get hers done and I'm sure she's busier than I am. Be patient with me, folks: all I can ask.

In the meantime, this made me think of Momokawa:

Day 21 Rule of Thirds

I am embarrassed to admit I had to look this one up, and when I found out what it meant further ashamed because it is a concept I should have been intimately connected with from my BFA days. Must have been smoking too many clove cigarettes and wearing black turtlenecks.

Now while researching, I came across this charming explanation (yes, British accents make everything charming. Deal with it.)

Rule of thirds from Jayne Whitelock on Vimeo.

Many, in fact most. of my blogger buddies far exceed my skills in basic screenshot composition. I am a hardcore amateur. So I found this post helpful when considering my shots, because though I can handle my way around a blank canvas, sometimes a reminder of breaking form and style is a good thing.
But it's still a crappy screenshot. Rule of Thirds can't save everything.

Right now, right here, I need to wake up the goats in my house and get them herded. Yes, that is a metaphor. I don't really have goats, but some humans equally as stubborn.

theme song: come a little closer/cage the elephant


  1. Whew, I was giving it until tomorrow until I sent the search parties out. Yes, I am an alarmist. I was worried when there was no post yesterday. If you were my daughter you would do a grand eyeroll at me!

  2. I am having such mixed emotions about events in the Matty-shack today I don't know whether to cry or giggle. Will be back to writing more later. myself an!

  3. I saw her in game, I knew she was still around! She had busytimes at home! :)


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