Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 14: Liquid

#wowscreenshotaday September

Plate armor and water - that is what the 'strength' stat is for...
Already I'm sliding into 'keeping my head above water' mode. Oh well.

And I'm still pissed off at Blizzard for taking away underwater breathing from shamans. REALLY?! The ONE CLASS that specifically works with the elements of fire, earth, wind, and WATER and they can't control that? Sure, sure, warlocks can, cause you know, it makes sense, right? Since they play with disease, fire, and soul-sucking. That has everything to do with breathing underwater (written in my sarcasm font.)

Oh, and on the way to work I realized I forget to put the "real" unexpected post:

Getting the "Crazy Cat Lady" title was completely unexpected!

Oh, and as far as the Timeless Isle goes, I'm having a very difficult time not allowing Haanta to go and skin to her heart's content. Since many people don't have leatherworking, the money left on the table, so to speak, is plentiful. For a miner like Matty, not so much. Those mining nodes are sparse, and fast running warriors always jump there first. Yes, that's lots of fun.

Now I'm steering off into grumpy: more coffee. See you soon.


  1. It is indeed a skinners paradise. And such a nice perk to get extra coins from skinning. The sad part though is Cat's learning all those patterns she'll never be able to make until maybe next expansion. Uh oh, I caught the grumpy! Pizza is called for to fix it!

    1. The grumpy ditch is far and wide sometimes for me! Pizza sounds like a good cure, too! :)


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