Tuesday, September 3, 2013

RTMT: Concentric Circles and Day 1, 2, and 3

This is Vidyala's rendition of Mataoka for my Blizzcon Badge. The secret's out, I'll be there. My goal: 20lbs lighter, or slightly over 9kg. For my British friends, not sure how much that is in 'stones.' Once I get out the rocks in my head, that should help.
Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you by the letter "C" for 'collaboration' and the letter "T" for "talented. (Come on, coffee!! Brew, dammit!)

First, an announcement: Tycertank has a new WoW Screenshot-A-Day list for September: 
Damn, what day is this? It's the 3rd? Oh well. That's okay. Participation in the August one was not for extrinsic motivation (aka "prizes) but for my own pure enjoyment. I'll see what I can find in my folders for these first few days:

Given, this is not an Azerothian image, but one I saved months ago. It made me laugh, thinking of all the cauldrons in Azeroth, and what if instead of becoming the ham chunks in pea soup, we turned it into a hot tub? 
But how do they get out?!

Kellda the Wavering Warlock is by far one of my Azerothian characters who shares only a few traits with me in our Venn Diagram of commonality. We both have minions, check. Both our names begin with "K," check. And we both enjoy putting something on full blast. However, in real life, I do have to play the roles of 'tank' and 'healer' on many an occasion, and like Ceniza the Fire Bug, it's refreshing to just seek and destroy sometimes. Nothing else. No gathering of monsters, no responsibilities, no cool healing rain showers to aid wounded comrades. 

September 3: Lines

This are the lines I look at the most: XP Lines

Now, back to the collaboration and talent part:
Luxy created some headers for Arvash, and Cymre gave Tome a little baby fox. I get to work with Navi on a weekly or semi-weekly basis on writing projects. Erinys inspires me constantly. This WoW blogging community is far and away one of my greatest joys. I think I kind of scared Tome yesterday when I said I was stopping -- no, not leaving Azeroth, but I do need to reign it in, quite a bit. I'm journaling some thoughts and trying to get some organization in my life, not for organization's sake, but to help structure some other goals/dreams. I looked at Vidyala's beautiful portrait of Mataoka, and still think to myself, "Why am I not trying my hand at art again?" I researched how to get an avatar like Navi and all her friends have from SleepingFox, but commissions are closed. Why not try it myself? We'll see. 

So, am I ready for the patch? No. Am I ready for anything? No. But the focus must shift a bit. I have been thinking about ways I may never be awesome in Azeroth, but ways I can be outside of it. 

Summer's over, time to go: wish me well. I know you're all with me during the day, cheering me on. 


  1. You DID scare me, lol! I tend to go around thinking everyone I know and love in WoW will all be there together if the servers ever go down. Notice I said if, can't bring myself to say when.

    But that's the best idea! I know I'll never be marvelous in Azeroth, I should do something marvelous out here. I'll have to think this over.

    I had thought of sticking my face on a t-shirt and sending it to you to wear to BlizzCon so I could attend. Have to wear a disguise though, lol.

  2. What a cool badge! Now I shall be able to find you :)

    1. LOL! Navi, I am not sure how tall you are, but if you're close enough to see my badge, you'll be facing an Amazonian Yank--you'll know it's me!

  3. I thought that little still life painting you posted awhile back was lovely -- you *should* try your hand at some art again, and share it with us!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement--that may be just the touch I needed! Thanks, Kam!


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