Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 25 and Day 26: HALP and Swerve....err, curve

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Day 25: H is for "HALP!"

Tuesday night I had forgotten that my buddy Turk's group ran Flex, and had the chance to bring Zeptepi. I realized this morning all my characters need to go back to school: there have been many class changes over the past two patches, and though I have not forgiven Blizzard's move to take away underwater breathing from shamans, and now my new grudge is the loss of movable casting on Kellda. Who the hell does Blizzard think she is?! A SHADOW PRIEST?! This aggression will not stand, man!

But the real "H" is for 'help.' I reinstalled elvui, and love it, but came up against some configuration bugaboos, and my handy in-house tech support is off doing gee, I don't know, his own life? But fortunately there was a really nice person in Turk's guild who helped clear up some confusion, and after more research, tweaking, and tinkering, am getting the UI down to where I need it to be. You know why I really love elvui? Cause at a click of a button all my bag slots get organized. I love it. CHINGchingCHING done. If only the real world were as easy to organize.

Day 26: Curve

There were two curve-balls thrown at me in game recently: one, if you click on the crane statue thingy on top of the hill when it's sparkly, it'll throw you up in the air! FUN! WHEEEEeeeeEEEE! Oh, whatthe?! There are platforms with big treasure chests? But, but but -- I didn't know! I didn't plan! Oh well...just enjoy the view on the way down:

This is going to sting a little...
Oh, and I saw this too by accident: to get these?!


  1. Anonymous26.9.13

    I wish that crane thingy worked all the time. Wouldn't have to be chests all the time just the flying part was fun. I keep forgetting I can't cast and run, I'm always in the middle of a big old Soul Fire and forget and move. That was so fun while it lasted.

  2. I think I feel another idea coming on....they are like colds!


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