Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RTMT: Mixed Nuts

Subtitle: Things I Just Don't Get - Blog Azeroth Topic

Right next in line to the Golden Rule.

Mental running shoes on? Check. Hot, black coffee by right hand? Check? Cute new shirt and my comfy Yellowstone bear and moose socks? Check and check. (Yes, I wish they were moose and squirrel socks, and props to you if you get that reference.) Today's Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you by the letter "B" and the letter "K," noting the occasional inherent goodness of folks who give a damn about karma.

First, in some ways I want to apologize for my periodic rant about meanies in LFR. I have sufficiently scared Tome away, which is unintended, and, worse, I am becoming boring. (See what a jerk I am Tome? I put 'being boring' over scaring my friends away from LFR...) Popular Science magazine summed up the asshats and trolls quite succinctly: "shrill, boorish specimens of the lower Internet phyla" . Could not have said it better myself. Yes, there are poo-poo heads in Azeroth. But something happened far worse than an anonymous asshat, and that is a 'player friend/acquaintance' who, for whatever reason or reasons, well - let's just say something went wrong. A misunderstanding that got out of hand fast. And to answer Amber's question about things I just don't get, I just don't get how we humans will ever figure out how to communicate effectively and with our hearts in person or virtually. But damn, we had better figure it out fast. Communication is clumsy on its good days, and destructive on its wrong-side-of-bed days. My boss was teasing me the other day because in every meeting where we are developing "norms" I always want to add "assume good intentions." We all have so much to do, so much on our minds, that if we can't just start at a good place, we will end up in the ditch faster than the bald tires on my old truck. (Things I think about at 3:30 AM: how to get new tires.)

And I need to address this: I am many things. There are character flaws and redeeming qualities about me, like every human. Not quite Walter White level of complexity, but a mixed bag nonetheless. But one thing I am not is a bitch. My definition of a bitch is someone, male or female, who aggressively seeks drama, attention, and conflagration to stir up shit. Being that I hate confrontation, and any confrontation stays with me like spilled sour milk. It calcifies and smells. 

So again I say, if I have ever pissed you off, hurt your feelings, stepped on toes, poked you in the eye, returned the car with an empty gas tank, left the toilet seat up (!) forgot to unplug the curling iron, left the dishes in the sink, didn't write back fast enough, or simply shut the real or virtual door in your face, if there is a perceived insult or sour grapes:

I. Am. Sorry.

So when I ranted about anonymous jokers being trolls, I should have peered around the corner because things can get much, much worse.

Now: here is my wish again. For the 2,893th time. I wish we had an 'invisible' mode. Just a mode that was an answering machine to folks saying, "Matty's not in right now. Leave a message after the beep." Yes, we have DBM that tells our buddies we're fighting, etc. Maybe that is, or should be enough. Perhaps this is why my buddy Señor and I get along so well: we know things about each other, and are dear friends, but it stays in character and in game. We respect each other. Good people, genuinely good people, live by the creed above: they assume that everyone has their own story to tell, their own issues, and treat others with kindness. I will say to all my friends in Azeroth, if I have ever bothered you while you're trying to focus or fight a tricky maneuver, I am sorry. I try to respect your time --and for the most part, all of you are amazing. Thank you. 

I am going to try out the proving grounds as soon as I can - that'll be cool. I feel very rusty on all of my characters, and every one needs a new reforge/update. 

Back to karma: Last night I thought see what would happen to go in another LFR between after work and dinner. I didn't finish, but I did get a pretty new belt (I won't mention that on the roll I got the same exact belt, which happens all the time, but whatever). But the belt is not the highlight - there were incredibly nice players there:

I LOVE the Haunted Forest Set. I want this in real life: spiders and butterflies living on my shoulders!

I hated to leave, but CD Rogue had dinner waiting, and that was that. But I have proof there are nice players out there: patient, relaxed, and enjoying the beautiful fun world as it's meant to be enjoyed. 

Do I have more to say? You bet I do. But my time is up, and I must go. 

PS In game, I don't get anything (she types smiling).

Karma Police/Radiohead


  1. I have invisible mode, it's called playing weekdays in the daytime, lol. Don't worry, I scared myself away from LFR all on my own. I find it amazing that we don't make more missteps when communicating only through short written messages. I'm pretty sure that's why all my communications are peppered with more lols than should be legal.

    Even in person sometimes communication hits bumps, this morning my dog-walking friend said she missed our walks last week as talking to me is like venting, like talking to the wall ... you should have seen her face when she realized what she said, LOL for real.

    I told her it was fine, I only ever get offended by someone TRYING to be offensive and what they say doesn't bother me, the intent to offend does.

    I hope your misunderstanding works out, hugs.

  2. The letters B and K... Well, K is probably Karma. I mean, that wasn't intended to be subtle. But is the B for Bear as in Bear and Moose socks? And I love to say "Moose and Squirrel" in a faux Russian accent.

    Or maybe B as in Boring, not Boorish. Of coursirous, I read "Be Kind" in the almost Golden Rule and merged it in my mind with the communications difficulties and got the Doolittle song "Talk to the Animals" stuck in my head!

  3. it's just the moose... go read me blog hopefully it will cheer you up. :) can you say moose and squirrel in a Russian accent? If so, I'm yours.... :D


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