Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Work ethic.

Be light of spirit...

I am trying so hard to be responsible, but sometimes I get the feeling that one man's 'take out the garbage' is another man's 'you're not here to kill trash' kind of thing. It's really no big deal, and I believe that we all go full-circle as (adult) gamers, and this is just my turn for this epiphany.

I put Mataoka in a new guild, at my friend Turk's suggestion, cause they're active and nice. And they really are. So far, I really apprecite the maturity and knowledge of this group. I ran a few flex raids on Zeptepi with them, and when jumping over the GM said they take mains, and there was my first pinch - I still think "mains" are kind of an old-fashioned structure of WoW. Regardless, it doesn't matter. Mataoka is my first love, so she will remain top of the heirarchy. Last Saturday I was thrilled when I saw a normal raid scheduled and I could go - I looked forward to it all week. At what I know call the 'witching hour' in the Matty-shack, CD Rogue had some health issues, and I had to tell the GM I couldn't go about thirty minutes prior. I guess a lot of others cancelled too, because he told me Saturdays were tough to get groups together, and to make sure I would be there if I said I would. I'm sure he would understand if I said "my husband has diabetes, etc., and cannot control when he's going to be out of commision for things he was going to do in order for me to move a horned-tailed draenei around a screen."

Tonight we got to do flex, and I had to leave to go finish up some important work plans for tomorrow (and my eyes are burning tired), which was kind of a bummer cause they were going to push all the way through. I haven't place DPS/enh so long in a group and oh my dear baby murlocs I SSSSUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKkk. Frame-rate goofy, my new mouse acting like an ass-mouse, and just general yuckiness all 'round. Meh.

I know in the real world I am revered, and my projects shall be awesomesauce. Goodnight little Mataoka, get some sleep. Rest up to fight another day in Azeroth, because your human needs some sleep too.

PS Señor - thank you for the crane chick. It followed me everywhere tonight. (The best guildmates are the ones who don't collect pets but know you do!)


  1. Dahakha16.10.13

    I'm not sure how an ass-mouse acts, but I definitely wouldn't want my mouse to act like one!

    It sucks to disappoint people by cancelling planned attendance, but those people do need to understand that everyone has RL priorities that outweigh such attendance. The best you can do is be upfront about the fact that those priorities are not something that can be predicted and planned around, so you may need to cancel occasionally. If that causes problems, well, to be frank the problem is them, not you. At least you had the decency to let the GM know you wouldn't make it, rather than just not showing up!

    Regardless of how many baby murlocs you invoke, I'm sure Mataoka was loving being there. In all her horny, tail-y glory. :D

    1. I am still laughing...hours later....

      No. No you don't want to meet an ass-mouse. Steer clear, sir!

  2. whats an ass-mouse?


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