Sunday, October 27, 2013

OLRG: The Defeat of Dark Dragon of Doom (Take 1)

Oh, my, Lord Victor Nefrian uses his sister to fight his fights!

Resounding success of the first night of the Old Ladies' Raiding Guild venture to Blackwing Descent yesterday! Here is what an old lady like me should not be in charge of: getting everyone's names from their battletags and blog links. If you would pretty please with sugar on top (and I'll give you a piece of hard candy) let me know you were there with a link to your blog (if you have one). If I screwed up let me know; in the meantime, I'll give it a shot:

Mataoka: me, yours truly
Rasiheil: Jstmel from MoMar
Cimmeria: Tome and see her link telling the tale here! 
Zelajhen: Imraith Dos Santos (one of my first readers, and very special place in my heart)
Taikuutta: ran with some of Big Bear's ICC runs - just a great guy, even if he doesn't have a blog.
Niremere: Prinnie from That Was An Accident (guess what? She's just as funny in Vent as on her blog)
Kerick: Repgrind Awesomesauce
Breige: From Tiny WoW Guild
PlaidElf: Plenty of Paladins
Rasta: buddy from my two-man guild

Now this would be a mog challenge!
There was some discussion on Vent about who exactly, is Lord Victor Nefarius (could that name be any more obvious? HELLO! Bad Guy Over HERrreeeeRRREEEeee!). Turns out, Prinnie was right, he is not Deathwing but Son of Deathwing (more daddy issues) who uses his undead dragon sister Onyxia to do his dirty work for him.


Prinnie mentioned this morning that we never did see the upstairs of the place: just what DOES an evil, doomed dragon keep in his bathroom cupboards? Hemorrhoid cream? Laxatives? Expensive hair gels and enema bags? I'd love to snoop in those cabinets: admit it -- you would too.

Anyway, we sliced through it in about an hour, and I finally got my Defender of a Shattered World title. The only wipe was badly planned lava jumping, but it got sorted out in no time.

Thanks for Jstmel for this suggestion of going through them in order:

Blackwing Descent (check)
Bastion of Twilight (note: slight schedule change to 3:00 PM Pacific Time Zone server due to family things)
Throne of the Four Winds
Firelands (really need this one: Tome - bring your kitty cat for the chance of the druid staff)
Dragon Soul
Mogu'shan Vaults
Heart of Fear
Terrace of Endless Spring (TOES)
Throne of Thunder (TOT)*
Siege of Orgrimmar *

*Obviously some of these current ones will probably take us a few weeks - but Old Ladies shall kick ass!

There's a Pot a Brewin'  - Kick Ass Soundtrack


  1. I was the latecomer, so I'm not in the list. This is also why I sadly didn't remember to take the screenshot I'd wanted either. Thanks again for setting this all up. I'm looking forward to next week :D Here's the requested blog link:

    1. That's right! I was SO happy you were there - forgive my mind for having big holes in it. Let me update this post, post haste!

  2. It was nice to meet you all and I had a ton of fun -- Thank you, Matty, for organizing! I hope to be on hand all the way through if my schedule holds up.

    1. This is for us, so completely flexible. We can go forwards, backwards, round and round - so happy to see you!

  3. Anonymous27.10.13

    Oh no! I didn't know that was Imraith! I was wondering if she was coming.

    Yeah, I'm hoping with enough ice packs and TRYING to not use my right arm Cat might get her chance at Firelands, lazy caster Warlock is much easier on the elbow, lol. I know I have to ferry my mom somewhere next weekend, I've got to make sure it doesn't interfere. I know, I'll just take her early!

  4. Sounds like it was lots of fun!
    So Firelands will be up in three weeks (November 16th) then? Miz Kaelinda the Belf Mage is considering the notion that it might be worth becoming a Draenei for awhile to have a chance at that hot, hot T12 Mage gear. ;)

    1. That stuff is the coolest, I mean! You're welcome anytime!

  5. That looks so awesome, grats to you guys!


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