Sunday, October 6, 2013

Don't go breaking my heart...

See what time it is? It's 10AM on a Sunday morning, and I am supposed to meet my friend at work to get a lot done; that's the plan anyway. I just sent her a text and she's off to a slow start too, but I doubt it's because there's a new distraction at the Darkmoon Faire, Moonfang. Everything you need to know is on Euphyley's site, naturally. Last night after a delicious dinner of sushi and Ashai Super Dry, (which is the best beer in the world), I saw a group for one of the older raids. I still need BWD, but at least had my 'never too late for a happy childhood' moment with Sinestra and then Throne of the Four Winds. No mount, but that's cool.

Beware the Genii

Earlier in the day, I saw Willy Wilder, alas, deceased:
I suspect foul play...the lucky do's in his back may be a clue...

Called in an anonymous tip into the Stormwind Guard to bring these two Highroad Grummies in for questioning...
And this morning (which is why it is now 10:20 AM and I'm still in my jammies) is Tome reminded me of the Darkmoon Faire Moonfang, and I received the (temporary) mount. It is so beautiful, so amazing, I must admit I am feeling more than a little crushed that it's temporary, cause baby I am in love:

Then wouldn't you know it? That bastard Jeremy gives Momokawa the eye the first try:

Still want the wolf pet, maybe more than anything in the game I've wanted previously. It's okay. If I can go a year before getting the Darkmoon Eye, patience (stubbornness?) is on my side.

Why do I always get the feeling that Blizzard is like a bad boyfriend you just can't leave? This is an abusive cycle, Blizz. My heart's going to get broken, I just know it. Pass me another tag on that Den Mother, would ya?


  1. Anonymous6.10.13

    Oh! I love that mount! Every single time I've done it I get Moonfang's Paw, geez. I hope people don't get tired of doing it before I get at least something different, lol.

    1. Of course I need the complete set on my own original "den mother," Mataoka. Keeping fingers crossed, and tails wagged....

    2. Hey! I actually received "Two Fangs"as loot worth 6 copper. Of course my repair bill becasue I died, was about 21 gold! So did several others - same drop/loot - 2 fangs.


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