Sunday, October 27, 2013

What scares us....

This may take a small serious curve.

I spent the large part of the weekend in Azeroth, and it was...good. Really good. It wasn't so much the defeat of Blackwing Descent, but the enthusiasm of the group that kept me going. Few characters finally got some decent gear so that when they go into any situation they'll do well (looking at you Luperci and Momokawa). Mataoka finished off Garrosh in LFR, and it was bittersweet. Watched my yearly viewing of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, spent time with CD Rogue in the real world, and spent time with best friends in the virtual. For a few hours, I was blissfully, delightfully in the rabbit hole. The tea the Mad Hatter served was honeyed and hot, the Chesire Cat purred, and even the Red Queen mellowed. But I came up short tonight, caught my breath: at some point this will be over. Things and circumstances may affect time spent in Azeroth, folks come and go, and all good things...well you know.

Afterwards, I watched TV with CD Rogue, Through the Wormhole, specifically the section on Lifelogging. The point was made about the fact we already do this, posts on social media, etc. It did not discuss the virtual game lives, which I still contend we have not dealt with, or are capable of managing. I don't want a running stream of my virtual characters' lives on top of my own, and yet I write this blog. Guarf teased me about not getting my work-work done (there is sits, in a pile). And now it's time for sleep - I'll see the layers of Azeroth on top of my life's mind in dreams, and list-making.

I know good things come to an end, but not yet...not quite yet.


  1. That Azeroth would not be there for me is a very scary thought. All the games I've played and it's the only one that seems like home to me. Okay, it's so scary I'm not going to think it. I will deal with it when it comes to pass. I'm in denial, lol.

  2. The whole notion of these layered lives enthralls me...not sure how to express it but it is more than the idea of a good book ending because there are real friends involved... Should probably just keep my musings to myself ... ;)


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