Friday, October 11, 2013


No, it's not what you think! 

put the nickel in the can...
no, NOOOOoooooOOO! It's October 11th?! It's FRIDAY? I missed another self-imposed deadline of writing a coin story for today? Yes, yes I did. But the day's still young, like, REALLY young, but I need to get ready and go to work and yes, no writing at work. Maybe tonight? Well, an old friend is in town for a very rare spawn visit (yes, I think I will see a silver dragon around her head), and we're meeting for dinner. I hope she's buying.

Yesterday I got a little sensitive about being teased about spending money gold on Moon Moon. The day's events proceeded with filling the blanks of time with thinking about why. Well, before I unravel the myriad of my complex relationship to real-life gold, suffice it to say buying tickets for Blizzcon right now is...can't even type the words. I slumped in my truck yesterday and did a mental list of all the responsible, grown-up, much-needed-for-survival big ticket items I need now (not want, I know the difference between airline tickets of want and replacing bald tires of need).

My sensitivity comes into play when someone tells me I am 'bad' about something that I have no control over. I cannot control my salary (really --it's true). I cannot control years of unemployment due to poor business management by others. I cannot control balding tires, or medication purchases, or the price of parking. I cannot control capricious gas prices. And apparently I cannot even control a small faction of my own government who holds our nation economically hostage while they hold their breath, turn blue, whilst their tantrum runs its course. (I hope they pass out and hit their heads on their podiums and take a long, much needed nap, cause they certainly are cranky-pants.) And in the wise words of Jean-Luc, control is an illusion (which applies to small children, Congressmen from Texas, and chili farts).

The thing is: I just have to wait a bit. And ------------------> I am feeling kind of weird.

How am I going to meet up with folks? Will they want to hang out with me? Will it be worth it? Do I matter? (This is my Introvert who's joined the inner dialogue. You haven't met her yet? Well, duh! She's an introvert! But most of my negative inner dialogue, and some of my more mindful moments, I can blame or thank her.) But it's not like I've had a spot on TNB,  or feel brave enough to introduce myself to famous WoW/Blizzard writers, or or or or...

And-----------------> Azeroth kind of pisses me off. (Things not in my control category)

The other night CD Rogue and I found ourselves on an odd night out -- a Wednesday! NOT IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER! What? Who do we think we are? Under-employed twenty-somethings? I did just drink water (don't faint), so it wasn't too pricey, and was made even sweeter by the fact we found ourselves on trivia night, and found ourselves in a mano-a-mano battle with six biker friends versus our team of two. And I have to give CD Rogue credit - in the excitement I wrote down "Get on Up" instead of "Sex Machine" by James Brown in the 70s music category, and was so proud of myself for knowing it was KATE BUSH, I also misheard him say "Wuthering Heights" and wrote down "Rolling the Ball" -- we would have had a clean sweep. (Kallixta, thought of you.) The battle came down to not one but TWO tie-breakers, and we got it with Fibonacci pattern knowledge.  The biker gang next to us thought it might be Liberace's brother. We won a $25 gift card that was promptly exchanged for the beers CD Rogue drank. See? Knowing stupid shit comes in handy.

Do you know what one of my favorite things in the Timeless Isle is? Bet you won't be surprised. It's the historian who hands out a 100 coins for correct answers on lore. And while I'm over a year into trying to get poor Momokawa a decent healing weapon, at least once in awhile I can take a multiple-choice, no penalty test and get a little treat. I would like to ask someone if I can take the written test to get Momo a weapon. No? No accommodations? Fine.

Well that's a mish-mash, isn't it? I'd prefer to call it a cliff-hanger: Will the airfares be reasonable enough to buy plane tickets? Will the mortage be paid? Will our heroine find herself with a surprise windfall and buy plane tickets AND new tires? Will that weapon drop?! Stayed tuned, same Bat-channel, same Bat-time!

No one should listen to this unless feeling very, very 70s-style emo. No wonder why I got the wrong answer.


  1. Out of all of that I only come out with, "Kate Bush is/was considered 'emo'? Who knew?".

    'Wuthering Heights' is a good song from her....but my fave that she does is 'Waking the Witch'.

    YouTube link for 'Waking the Witch' -

    1. I liked her at the time, and will check out Waking the Witch - sorry about my incoherent ramblings from the break of dawn...:)

  2. I just bought my virtual ticket and I'm hoping you're going to wave to the camera so I can wave back from here! Damn, where is that windfall when you need it. Maybe winning the $25 gift card is the start of a roll of good luck although it wasn't luck that won it, but still.

    eeeeeeeeee! I await the next installment to see if our heroine will prevail!

    1. I shall always prevail: no, whether or not it shall be tires vs tickets, well - we shall see! lol

    2. I just realized I should have said the travel portion is the issue...oh well. It will work out - it always does.

  3. we' lassie tis all in good fun. Your moose is out. What did the fox say?

  4. psst - one cannot control chili farts. But one can run from them!


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