Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ah, sometimes early-waking insomnia pays off; rather, it's probably the devil at the front-loading part of 'getting his due.' In other words, sometime around 2PM today it will take all I got not to pass out at work. And to be honest, my tummy actually does kind of hurt right now. No joke. I feel sick. But I must go in. My new boss LOVES meetings, and meetings that start on the dot at 7:35AM. But--as the Pandarians say, "Discipline." Oh, I got me some of that! I can get my tail to work and RL activites.

But here are first impressions of our new land:
1. I'm glad I didn't play the Beta.
2. I will feel "left behind" as friends and guildmates level up quickly today
3. I cannot wait to see a Draenei do a barrel roll with hooves.

*Matty Out.*

PS Checklists rule!


  1. Hope you got to catch up last night! I had to resort to fishing for a while as there weren't any quest animals left to kill, lol.

    1. I'll never catch up. But...porcupines!! PORCUPINES! Yes, I think I shall succumb to the pet battles!


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