Friday, July 15, 2011

Aroma therapy.

Matty will always make a point of spraying Topper with some perfume if this is her jewel-crafting daily...he's been on the streets for awhile, and needs some freshening up.

Writing challenge: 

Yes, I know this may sound weird.

What would the characters of Azeroth smell like? 

I put this challenge forth to a writing buddy, and his description was very creative. Guarf said, "She would smell of leather, neatsfoot oil, sulfur, (a leftover from her fire totems), and undertones of lilac."

Lilac!? Inspired, Guarf. 

You win.

Here are some thoughts I sniffed out:

I think dwarfs would smell like whisky, barley fields, tweed, and pipe smoke. 
Goblins would smell like the undersides of sewer rats dipped in bubble baths. 
Gnomes would smell like blueberries and snowflakes.
Draenei girls would smell like warm fluorescence, vanilla, clover, and honey.
Night elves would smell a little sweaty, but not bad: cotton, sandalwood, and patchouli, those damned hippies?
Orcs' sweat would be a gamy, like someone hung an automobile pine air freshener around a wet dog's neck.
Worgens: British butcher shops and flea bath?
Trolls: do I detect a hint of hemp?
Undead: Ew. See goblins sans bubble bath.
Tauren: hayfields and barnyards, of course.

What's that smell?
Death Knight didn't change his socks again.

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