Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drabble: Holy man.

The light. A healer. The prayers, the flash, the heal. To aid, to succor. Giving strength, protection.  Fortify! Renew! Fallen warrior, illuminated stitching, and whole again.  Victory!  The shadows overcome, the blood staunched.  And yet, the blood, the shadows. The memories! The fields of battle, the blood drawn by my hand.  The forbidden words of shadow. Pain. Death!   No. The light!  But my brother, so brave, so bold.  So self-righteous.  Paladins, holy warriors indeed.  They serve, no doubt, but can they melt formless faces? The form of shadow.  The spike, the flay, the fiend.  And the horror, yes, the horror.

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