Friday, July 1, 2011

shiny shiny


Have you ever gone into a PUG, and it's one of those where the tank may do something a little differently than you're used to, say, Shadowfang Keep? He doesn't bring the lumbering thingies upstairs, but tanks them in the courtyard where the haunted life-draining ghosts are, and yes, I got feared, my keyboard is a little screwy, and I ran the wrong way, pulled one, of course, and's on. Pissing contest. Before I stepped in the ectoplasm I had said, "Oh, guess we're not bringing those upstairs?" and apologized for standing there like a dork. My apology with then met with a no, and he called me a name, and the horse I rode in on. Seemed a bit excessive. A new guildmate, wonderful healer, stood up for me, and if that had been on the playground, somebody's nose would have been bloodied. My DK friend was there, and for the next few fights, all I kept doing was seeing shiny shiny shiny blades whirling---hypnotic. I know if it had come down to a playground brawl, Senor DK would have had to cut a gnome. Tank made a few mistakes, too, along the way, but you know what? Decided to take the high road. And without trying, got 17k on the last boss, over the tank, first in DPS, as it should be. To protect the innocent and the damned, I am not posting a screen shot. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Kill 'em with kindness sometimes works, too.

Postscript: I think there should be another reward besides a worm-infested dog after LFM PUG achievement, say, 1000 gold for all of the armor repair bills and a coupon for Starbucks?

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