Monday, July 11, 2011

Escape artist.

There is a monster in the dishwasher. There must be. It is ferocious, and will not go away. The only thing that stuns it is a long rinse cycle and strong detergent. But, once the plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery are clean, if I open the door, it will crawl out, not biting or causing blood loss, but bruising and annoyance, a lot of damage over time. The dishwasher monster makes a high-pitched whining sound like a mosquito in mating season. It spawns new dirty dishes in the sink, and I am convinced it is in cahoots with the washing machine. So, while I plan my next counter-attack with this soul-sucking demon, I perused Psynister's blog roll, and came across this gem:  Planet of the Hats, specifically this post:

Now to go wrangle some to-go mugs.  Finding lids to mugs weakens it, as does putting the spoons in the right place in the drawer.

Time to run away...

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