Saturday, July 16, 2011


There was a recent debacle with the Season 9 versus Season 10 PvP gear, in the way that you save and work for that "perfect" pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and the next day they're out of style. Okay, I've never spent more than $125 on  pair of shoes, but I can imagine (and witnessed) the anger and frustration many of my PvP player buddies felt when that injury to insult happened: imagine grinding all weekend for the Call of Duty Alterac Valley Season 9 honor points, and then not 48 hours later, having it all be 10% "less" for the Season 10 gear. The nerd rage was most unattractive, let me assure you. Apparently, the new Season 10 gear was called exactly the same names, and had a 10% improvement factor. It was like a clearance sale that was a bit of a bait-and-switch: great vicious gear for honor points, not conquest points, and the Season 10 went for the same cost as the Season 9 gear. So, players busted their a**es for ostensibly worse gear. PvP players could have hung onto their points, worked on something they would have liked to grind through, and get Season 10 gear.

Perhaps I am not explaining this well; suffice it to say, it pissed a lot of players off.

(Although, when I asked Senor if it upset him I could hear him laughing in the message back, as in no, whatever...another reason why I value his friendship--keeps things fun.)

Well, from what I understand, (and I am planning on trying to verify this as soon as my PvP player friends return from the front lines), is that Blizzard actually had a rare mea culpa moment, and they are giving 4000 honor points to players who ground their way through the Season 9 gear. This may just be a rumor, but I will verify it as soon as the communication lines are back up. These 4000 points will be above the cap, and will happen Tuesday.

I won't hold my breath. But I might for the next wish:

My next mission is to get Blizzard to give me more closet space for my shoes. Think about it: after four versions, from Vanilla to Cataclysm, and all the patches in between, many players not only have multiple sets of gear for different needs, but the sentimental factor cannot be ignored. I personally have a DPS set, a PvP DPS set, PvE heal set, and PvP heal set. And my letters. And my tarnished crown. I have pared down as much as I can, and am resentful of the time I have to go back and forth with alts for bank space, etc.

Does anyone have the name of a good contractor in Azeroth who can build this addition for me?

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