Sunday, July 17, 2011


Was watching stupid television, flipping the remote, and the recent royal wedding came on 'the' OWN - yes, the Oprah Winfrey Network. I am not an Oprah devotee, but this isn't a about her. A commentator was discussing the details of the ceremony and the dress, commenting that the bride's dress was, "...something that won't scare the horses." The dress rumored dress was $400,000. Good thing the horses don't carry a lot of cash.

I spent some gold recently on my own beautiful dress, an avatarial* dress. And this may be an experiment gone horribly wrong, but am going to try double-boxing for awhile: squeezing the most out of Mataoka is at crossroads right now. I am planning on relearning how to play, not just with her character, but with my alts, too, (but those in a more relaxed way). "Matty" has switched up her UI, action bar, and more. I am not convinced that working more on her, the game, and WoW in general is a good idea; starting a new account and sequestering this shaman in this ivory tower may be, indeed, a really bad idea. Just seems like it's worth a trial, to see what it's like on the other side.

But I am not sure. 

Keep sending her croc meat, Senor. Haanta is going to learn to cook, too, though. And she's been wanting to bring Sweater and get some baddies with you.

*I thought I may have created a new word, but the adjectival form of avatar of course, already existed. 

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