Friday, July 29, 2011

Drabble: Farathorn's Lament

I'm needed on the Molten Front? Why would they possibly need a broken-down warrior?  Oh, I see, a blacksmith is what they actually need. Well why don't they just send me the...dammit, only blacksmiths can acquire the plans.  Well, trotting around on the Front for a few days might be a nice break from the anvil.  Wait, these things need Chaos Orbs? I'm retired!  They want me slogging through dungeons at my age?  Then arm-wrestling some young punk of a rogue for the Orb?  Oh no, I'm too old for this...oh my.  

That's a nice sword.

Writer's note: Guarf, you rock.


  1. LOL! So much for retirement, eh?

  2. Guarf, my dwarven partner-in-crime and gruff muse, wrote this - he will be so pleased!


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