Sunday, July 31, 2011


Can't get that girl out of my head...

Scout Knowles is bewitched...

On the Ember Spear Tower, a wall built with planks of courage and mortared with righteousness, keeping a sharp eye and steady gaze to the horizon, Scout Knowles made sure the heathen undead and their foul, putrid plague wagons were kept in check. Vigilance and duty were his honor-bound beliefs. He had one job, and he did it well. The duty required focus, little imagination, and stamina. He was born to be a scout, to guard and protect with singular purpose. Knowles, a soldier in the Valiance Expedition, his loyalties fastened to his king, country, and horse, but not necessarily in that order.

Captain Adams had made it very clear: if anyone came to the aid of the Valiance Expedition, Knowles must send them into the poison and pain to retrieve information, and destroy those plague wagons.* And here was another one, with visions of fame and fortune, using his position as a stepping stone to greater glory. Probably another paladin or knight, moving onwards to greatness, while he was honor-bound to the wall, hanging like a portrait, never wavering.

But this morning, he was visited by an angel. An angel in shadows and silk, light and fire, and he became a believer.

He didn't even turn around at first. Just heard the typical soft Draenei female voice, accented, and strange...but a tiny spark fell to the ground. Looking up to find its source, his eyes off of the horizon for one moment, he fell.

The boys in the Keep noticed a change about him, and gave him dutiful helpings of grief. His mopiness became tiresome."Knowles, man up for gods' sakes! Whoever this trollop is, put your sword in it, and claim it!"

As fast as a chakra spell, he pointed his sword tip at his comrade's jugular, and told him if he ever spoke one damned word against her again, his tongue would be cut from his skull, and never speak another thing, in truth or lie.

After this incident, Captain Adams, accustomed to young men who give too much of their youth to the service of country, wisely understood it was time to relieve Knowles of his duties; he was overdue for some R&R. Lovesick, fatigued men make the worst soldiers. And it was inhumane to make Knowles go back to the line. However, they were short on men. Many had gone off to fight the cultists sprouting up in new places around the world, places he had never served. Adams' duties included the Northrend territories, where he himself had served for decades. So, as commanding officer, he had no other option but to send Knowles back to Ember Spear. If this girl was truly the one, she would be his, just like his Bessie had stood by him all these years.

Knowles took a cold bath in the river that fed the ocean from Utgarde. His faithful horse, confused and feeling oddly, jealous?...waited patiently in the stables. A dwarf girl cleaned his tack, and cared for his horse with love and care. There was fresh bread, ale, and provisions in his saddle bags.

Back he rode to the watch.


Theme song: Sally's Song, Fiona Apple's rendition

Oh, Zeptepi. Your sisters tried, but failed, but you, you got him.

*Why Scout Knowles and other NPCs can't move twenty feet in any direction to do it themselves, I will never understand.
*Those plague wagons keep spawning. Hmmm. Didn't take care of them the first 3,499 times?

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