Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not a ninja, a "brigand."

Think the use of the word 'brigand' instead of 'ninja' will catch on? No? Don't think so?

Clothes Make the Man Word of the Day: brigandine

One way to remember this word is that it's what a brigand wears -- or probably should wear. A brigand makes his living by robbery and plunder. Brigandine is body armor of scales or plates, which should come in most handy for one who is typically on the wrong side of the law.

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Today, Matty grabbed Corefire Legplates off of an elemental in Twilight Highlands today. What this poor rock spectre was doing with plate pants, she'll never know. Even floaty rock thingies need pants, don't they? Or was it No-Pants Wonder Day? (But the police just call it Monday...*)

Matty held the pants in her hands, thrilled that she had something worthwhile to give to Luperci! She showed them to Guarf, but he said, "Bah, not quite right for a tank, you know lassie..." Disappointed her good fortune was blemished, she decided to sell them on the open market, and perhaps the gold would help Luperci more anyway. She had received a letter from Lupe recently, through Guarf, that her training was going well. Soon she would be rivaling Mat for time, resources, and attention. "And how is this any different than from when we were children?" was the quick green thought that sent a viperous, vaporous monster in her heart, but it dissappated just as quickly. Well, if the pants sold, she would treat herself to a new pet. Lupe was still running around with that flea-bitten worg pup (although Mat admitted to herself he was adorable).  She looked through her bags, and found the Orc s'more mix she was saving for the occasion if she ever saw, no, when she saw, her paladin friend again. Wondering what he was doing, and how he was fairing, she went to a self-satisfied sleep. Wouldn't Luperci be happy with all that gold?

*thank you, Simpsons, for my cultural references.

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