Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Luperci reaches Level 85: and toxicity levels are a bit high, too

Dearest Matty--Oh, I know, I need to be reserved, but am overcome! I am ready, Mat, ready! To assist your comrades in battle, against any monster, fiend, or foe! The last few adventures were so incredible, I feel I could take on Deathwing himself and teach him some manners! Shadow of fire and death?! Bah! Oh, I am re-reading this and seeing how many "!s" I wrote--father always hated that trait in girls' writing...but you can tell, I am so happy! Instead of saving the gold, I went on a shopping spree. Got rid of those silly pig-tails. I had the boots you sent, thank YOU! -- and the wrist bands, too, but blew the rest on gems, and other shiny plate things-it's only gold, right? We can make more; we're smart girls, eh? Guarf, that old grump, told me I didn't socket the gems correctly, that I needed only mastery, which I knew, I knew, but my head was a bit foggy from some Dwarven stout...I can see why you love those Wildhammers so much, my dear sister - they are wonderful. They can talk me into anything, those dwarfs. I jumped off of an air ship with a bolt of cloth just for Fanny's wedding dress--she was beautiful. Stout like their ale, but beautiful nonetheless.  I wonder what it's like to be in love--do you know? I saw your friend the other day--he looked well, but a bit tired? In any case, your baby sister is all grown up!!! I am posting this straight away before I sober up and come to my senses- just needed a break from being all holy-moly righteous-ly training. You of all people understand. --Love you, my sweet, stupid, big sister! Lupe
Postscript: Have you heard from Zep? 

"Ah," Matty mused: "This is not a young woman in need or want of any advice." Mat smiled at her sister's uncharacteristic exuberance.

She folded the letter carefully and put it in a journal that a small goblin girl named Chamuca gave her as a token of appreciation for a discreet favor.

"Hm..she saw my friend? Which friend?" Matty twisted her lips into a little knot, just a little bit, and if the baby bear wasn't noticing, no one noticed.

Chamuca, the goblin girl, she hadn't seen in a troll's age. She was worried about Chamuca, but she wasn't worried about her sister. Her sister: as stubborn as an ogre, as confident as a bride, and as self-assured as a gnome death knight.

"But Luperci, my baby girl, you have much to learn."

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