Saturday, July 2, 2011

Putting the "ass" in Passive/Aggressive

I have become somewhat enamored with my little shadow/holy priestess, Zep. She is all about chiaroscuro, the nuances of light and dark. I have made it my mission to level her up, and enjoy learning this very new class. To that end, was running a lot of dungeons yesterday with her, and it's a shame that there isn't an achievement for the most passive/ aggressive players. "Passive/aggressive" is one of those pop psychology terms that gets tossed out a bit too much, like "defense mechanism" or "ADD." When you really see and experience passive/aggression, it's almost like an art form.

Taking Zep for the first time in Durnholde Keep, thought well that might be something different. Got that funny feeling when tank said to the warlock, "Mark it." 

Warlock: "?"

DK Tank: "Well you're the dungeon guide." (Think it was typed, "ur the dungeon guide")

Warlock passes lead to tank.

Uh oh.

Got in a bit of a confusion and lost Warlock in LOS. Didn't realize he was using whatever demons they conjure to stay alive, and unfortunately, lost the tank. 

Tank says, "WTF?"

I explain.

Tank exclaims, "F the lock."

Okay. Lock explains to me not to worry about him, which is fair. 

Resurrect Tank.

Tank says, "BRB Going to go do Ribbon Dance." and teleports out of dungeon to do ribbon dance in Stormwind. And sure enough, that is where he was. 

Wow. I called shenanigans, but in the parlance of a male bovine's fecal matter. 

And left. 

Again, which is what the tank probably wanted. But damn, when your Passive/Aggressive skills are at that level of expertise, you deserve to pat yourself on the back while you're flicking chips off of your fat tummy. Or should I say, "How convenient that must be to have your tummy be your snack catcher!"

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