Saturday, July 30, 2011

Real ID.

Okay, no joking around. I am missing a WoW friend. He hasn't logged on in awhile, and I know from blog traffic reports hasn't checked in here, either. I really miss him, and am a bit worried.

I can't put up "Have you seen him?" posters around Stormwind, or send him a text in real life. We are just friends in the one realm. My rogue is still keeping one hand in his guild pocket, er, rather keeping one eye on the guild, but this absence doesn't seem like him.

There are pros and cons to being real id friends. If you know them, truly, in real life, real id away. When you don't, things can get a bit dodgy. Nothing personal, but perhaps you're trying to keep the wolf out of grandma's goodies, and want to keep the game on that level.

I do not believe my friend is a wolf, or the goodies. I just miss him.

My friend, Senor: I think of you everyday, and hope you are well.

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