Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, Lupe!

Glad the update is taking longer than usual, (which is actually normal), because I got quite a lot done this morning: dishwasher monster vanquished, (oh, but we shall meet again, fiend!), bill-trolls packed and stamped, stuffed in the mail box, and shifted some molecules of dirt and grime to another location. However, one thing I am anxious to get started on is to inspect Little Miss Smarty Tank and get her talent tree reconfigured, glyphs ensconced, blacksmith skills polished, and mining skills strengthened. Knowing that she will be spending a lot of time in Mt. Hyjal and Vash'jir, she has her obsidium skill, but really needs her elementium and pyrite pick-ax skills, too.  Because, really, who doesn't like rainbow-colored ore? All Skittles-y and pretty. But as she sits, she is just as low-rent and scummy as any tank who will take damage for hire.

The sad thing is, the sugar-momma of the bunch, my main Mataoka, doesn't ever have enough gold on hand to support all the growing alt-mouths. She's not too proud to take welfare, but it's not offered. In Azeroth, time is money, friend, and you gotta earn it to burn it. She's thinking about reading a gold-guide, but is always a day late and dollar short, so she'll just deal with that another time. She practiced her healing arts last night in a normal-mode dungeon, and the only player who died was she when she hopped off her dragon and spasmed out, falling into the fiery crevasse off of a Grim Batol ledge. Yes. You read that right. Her over-powered guildmates are probably still shaking their heads. I am still laughing over this self-induced death. Hey, it was late, my keyboard did something goofy, stepped on a rock, sun got in my eyes, whatever. Someone save me from myself, please.

Yesterday evening, I studied a trusted friend's profile on the armory. Nice to see he hasn't been lying around, getting fat and lazy, armor plating getting a bit snug around the midsection. Inspecting other players on the armory is a socially acceptable form of flattery. In any case, again, I took notes, and am ready to mimic his configuration. The only differences between him and Luperci is she has a height advantage, but envies his red hair. It would take too much toner and bleaching to get her dark locks to look like his. She'll eventually have to find her own style. In the meantime, he is one amazing tank, a true champion of the light, and she is in his debt.

Oh, there's one more difference: he has about 150237 health: she as about 22000+/-. Better get this anemic little girl some red meat and iron.

Theme song: Good Morning dance number from Singing in the Rain. Warning: there is tap dancing.

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