Friday, June 15, 2012

Drabble: monster

better left for dead

scrurch-scorch where did he leave his name where cockroach feasted fecal name left trace to a cockroach’s ass his name no name no face gone not right in life the Lady never should have allowed this one back his name maiden’s face buttery soft rusted bloody blade sliced feasted on the worms worms feasted on him cut cut cut humping death the smell sweet gassed corpse flowers blooming shovel blades cut cut cut into the buttery soft rusted earth unearthed the blades in the back of a shop served his ale she wished he would go away stay dead scrurch-scorch

*inspired by something Ironyca shared....woke up writing this and could not go back to sleep...


  1. You're scaring me Matty! What in the world did Ironyca share? Runs off screaming ...

  2. She just shared this image, that was all it took. Sorry I scared you but it I censored/edited it....eeeeek!

  3. Anonymous16.6.12


  4. What is with you people and the scariness today???

    1. My characters have a deep fear of undead rogues...they are the psychopaths in Azeroth, the true, pure villains. It is an odd coincidence about addressing fears, though - I thought that too.

  5. Anonymous16.6.12

    Reminds me a bit of my "Cyclops"...only purple and you made the Illidari tabard work! See Mog Madnessers! It's not THAT bad!


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