Sunday, June 3, 2012

Okay, now I can go make dinner..

That's right.

Champion. Of. The. Frozen. Wastes. SUCKAHS!

(Shush...just for one moment...let me pretend...)

Laid-Back Raids, Inc. helped me once again--Malygos was the last on my list for Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Took a few moments to learn the dance steps, but once we did we two-stepped right through it.

Grand fun had by all, and no, JD and Tome, you don't need to share the story about the Twilight Drake. Nope. Some derping is better left forgotten...


  1. Anonymous4.6.12

    Oh nice. Congrats!
    Ok I was just going to say that and call it a day but now you have me intrigued... JD or Tome, care to elaborate??

    1. Let's just say I was being my usual unintended ninja-self!

  2. I would never do that, lol, the best poked fun is always at self!

    I'm excited, I think I remembered to take some screen shots, can't wait to get my contact in and check! Yay for JD and Laid Back Raids!

  3. Anonymous5.6.12

    Perhaps another time I'll share, but I hadn't planned on it. But, we've had a few examples of why it is what it is (in terms of the raids really being Laid Back) and I may do a larger post about that. In that case, your infamy might live on. Heh.

    Great shots fellow Champion (Mrs. Amateur and myself needed ol Blue Puss as well for the achievement).

  4. Matty, no one holds that against you, especially not Phink! :) It happens, it was fixed, we move on. Right?

    1. I am usually just confused - never malicious! Bet you look adorable!


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