Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Letting the Paint Dry."

Had one of those rare evenings last night where CDR and I actually got to sit and talk, face-to-face, and not face-to-computer-to-face-to-computer. He said, in response to how I get annoyed with myself for posting stories, drabbles, etc. too quickly without following my best writing advice--let it percolate a bit before pressing "publish." He said as long as he's known me I have never been one to "let the paint dry," in my art, writing, or any understaking that requires patience or distance. It's not always a bad thing, he recognizes, but it is a "thing" I deal with. He, and my best friend since middle school, have both told me patience is my 'karmic wheel lesson.' I still say, "Quit burning daylight! Time's a-wastin'!"

So again -- if you see awkward phrasing, a typo, a bit of confusion, I have no one to bounce this stuff off of. I throw it out there, and know I have my (awesome, love you, sweet) readers, and you forgive many of my sins. Not sure if you're enabling or enduring me, perhaps a bit of both.

While I may never reach the level of the great, and recently late Ray Bradbury (see Effy's post on this too), remember that we all have a story to share, a perspective from our little trip in the kaleidoscope. Shake it up, and hold it up to the light.

Remember that nice Penelope who made sure Ceniza would win her dagger? She started a blog!
Check it out!


Ceniza wanted to cheer everyone up...


  1. I have this too so much. I don't know what it is in my case, hurry to get on to the next thing?

    Anyway, no one notices anyone else's typos, just their own, and don't let Ceniza out on the streets without a bodyguard in that outfit!

    1. Damn, good point, Tome! Although she does have a concealed weapon...very concealed, and Antiguo Amor, her pet, still follows her everywhere setting random things on fire. Talk about getting burned! Maybe her other outfits caught fire and this is all she has left...

      I figured we were kindred spirits on this one --there is always something else!


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