Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Tenacious Tank...and a tired one

My vacation is starting here soon, this year a bit different, a change of pace...I really should be in bed asleep, but I'll have plenty of time for that.

Luperci takes off shoulder, shield, and mace...g'night, moon, g'night room, and g'night Lupe
Had a great time on a normal DS run with the new guild*. Decided since Luperci has been doing nothing much but banging her shield against her horns, she should try the big guild for a while, and see what opportunites await there.

I have so much to learn, re-learn, and alter for tanking. It's not hard, but when you make a mistake, it's really bad.

Ended the weekend with many smiles-- ah, what great friends I have. You make me laugh-- guess what? Out loud!

Here are some highlights:
Matty got to feed rats to panthers...

Ceniza realized the reason she was doing not so great was she forgot to equip her orb...dios mio, Ceniza....

Happy Summer!!

Momokawa, the Peachiest Peach River of Druids, admired the beautiful frescos in Tides, and reached level 83...

What a wonderful world.
Theme song: Put Your Records On/Corinne Bailey Rae

P.S. Señor: Zep is still the boss. Take care of the guild, and don't let your cat find the escrow papers.

*New guild is super cool-- never mind the publicity, so shout out to Lost Soldiers of Darkness!


  1. Glad you are happy in your new guild :)

  2. Geez, that was fast Momo, next time I want to power level a character I'm trying sake!

    1. I wish I. Could say it was all gentle questing but alas dungeons...and sake helps!


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