Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tome & Matty's Excellent Adventure: The Link Love Edition

Stupid 5AM--anyway, before I hit the snooze alarm, just wanted to link you to Tome's Clues concerning the Road Rally, and the MMO Melting Pot's mention of our little diversion, too!

Theme song: Drive My Car/Beatles

Remember, at the heart and soul of our intent is to share a story or two--well, that's always the case.


  1. Good luck on your construction project, it's tomorrow isn't it? I'm not sure if "break a leg" is appropriate, maybe that's just for performances.

    As always perfect song selection!

    1. You are a funny girl - actually, was just thinking about my upcoming calendar of events: this week, finishing up work projects, moving things, cleaning things, and then next week is the week. I've handed over the reins of the guild once again to my dear friend, (not that our little 4.5 level guild has much managing needed), and am desperately trying to stay motivated.

      You know those mutant things that slime and bump their way through Azeroth? That's about how I feel right now. /sigh

  2. Figures I'd be off by a week, I must have something to do tomorrow and got confused, lol, whatever it was I probably won't be showing up for it!

    Yeah, I frequently feel like a slime mutant too, look in the mirror ... mutant, get on the scale ... mutant, the list goes on!

    1. Mentally I am loooonggg gooooonnnnneeeee....those mutants are quite spry!


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