Friday, June 1, 2012

Hole-In-Bucket List

Luperci V. Warlock

In my usual deft Johnny-Come-Lately style, I too have a malformed bucket list of sorts for the next few weeks in Azeroth.

But there are obstacles as I'm going up that hill.
Luperci drops the bucket

A colleague of mine was searching for an important book yesterday. This is a book we share that helps us all, an important tome in our arsenal. No one has seen this book for months. Not only that, but we have two copies of it. Now, I will take some responsibility for its loss. I was supposed to be in charge of it. But my excuse is, because others were put in charge of it by those in charge to help our charges I lost charge of it. (There is a mental flowchart I graphed in my head this morning at 4:30 of all of this.)

Why worry about a misplaced book? Well, that is just one thing out of a hundred that's on my mind right now. So when I layer "game goals' on top of it, displacing my past performances of over-achieve-yness with achievements in Azeroth, it feels somewhat...tainted? I guess what I am trying to say is I like the surprises in Azeroth, because surprises in my real world seldom come with red balloons and cake. They usually come with cold coffee and grumpy e-mails.

But, it's June 1st. Do you know where your list is?

Here is a sketch of mine, just to keep some kind of track of the "Oh yeah, I meant to do that!":

  • Go back to Ulduar and see if I can get the weapon
  • Finish off Ragnaros
  • Not die in the bird fire in Firelands
  • Finish the Cataclysm Hero for the mount (only have like 6 more to do, and most in Vortex)
  • Finish off the earlier Cata raids (haven't completed a single one)
  • Finish off Fireland's rep
  • Finish off Kirin Tor
  • Get to exalted with a few more factions, and see if Matty can get that title
  • Save 5000 gold (shush, you)
  • Level Momo to 85
  • Level Kélda to 75 (and stay at her three deaths)
  • Plan a "Road Rally" event
  • Finish the Professor title, and get Tyrande's Doll before it's outdated and has to go on the shelf
  • Get Zep her halo


But when I toss up questions to the game gods, I usually get great responses:

In "Destiny of the Pole" stories:
This really, really upset Cross-Dressing Rogue. It is fairly awful (slurp/mocha frappucinno/slurp)


  1. I may have to stop having fun and try to get make money too. Cymre's post about the Yak which I must have, showed me it's very costly.

    Me too for Ulduar I'd like to get that offhand for Warlock and what would a Road Rally be, I am so curious!

    1. Well--I had this idea it would be fun to do an event that is all land-mount based, no flying. A road rally is typically there are clues and checkpoints along the way, and the first to get to the goal "wins." What is problematic is me planning such a thing, being directionally challenged and all. As an previous guild officer used to call me, Lost-A-Lot Bear. Maybe if I can tie it in with archeology and/or Loremaster things, too.

      My new MoP name: Iwannayak

  2. A bucket list....I don't have one of those. I don't think I can ever get a yak.

  3. How much gold are we talking about here? Am I going to have to steal gold from a Girl Scout?

    1. 60,000 gold!! Maybe the quests pay really well in Mists, I hope.

    2. Just saw Cymre's post! Holy Mongolian Barbecue! Better quit drinking all the profits!

  4. On my real bucket list:

    1. That was wonderful but now I want to know who built it and it appears no one knows, must google.


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