Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Need a hand? or Sisterhood of the Magical Elf Pants

Get it? A hand?! Isn't that a cool off-hand weapon? Off-hand! Oh I just got that!

Another stuffed-up day in Matty's REAL LIFE WORLD EXTRAVAGANZA!!!


No, really - it was full of some Machiavellian-level maneuverings and the Spider whispers. I could go on, but man is this story old. But I had to ask a very dear colleague to talk me down from that tree yesterday, and in emails and a phone call or two, she did, lots of all-caps, DON'T QUIT kind of stuff. I know from my new boss's perspective she solved the issue, and I tried one last attempt this morning to state my case, but am pretty sure it won't do me any good (though for the record it's not for 'my' good, but the good of what larger-picture kind of thing, but lately, no one considers the human factor anymore, it's all part of the machine. Machine must be fed.)

Okay - anyway. There is hope. There is always hope.

My new guild did indeed bench me for a player who came back from vacation, but asked if I could be there on Sundays to begin to work with and gel with the second ten-man team. Sure. I only asked that the RL let me know that I wasn't going, because I was waiting for 40 minutes on stand-by seeing if I was going to raid last night. He said he would, and then I noticed everyone was there, and he hadn't confirmed.


Asked him if this other player was there and he was so I said thanks, and then logged off for Zep. This parallels to my new boss not knowing my name, my seniority, or my expertise fully, and is quite discouraging. I have to be the understanding one.

Got pants?
So, onward. Ever onward. Tried to do a dungeon but it was dumb. Then, saw that BH was opening up, so what the heck? Took awhile to scramble the players, and we wiped once (it was silly, but no biggie) and then went once more. Flawless. Hey, look at that! Cloth 397 pants! One person rolled - 2: me: 20-something. Another: 60s. Damn. Big frowny-face poop.

And then one player said to the one who won them - "Hey, you rolled twice, not cool!" 

Long story short, they grabbed me back with whispers, the player who rolled twice apologized, and gave me the PANTS!!! But the funny part was I was on the phone with my friend while she was talking me down from said tree, alternately crying, raging, and mumbling, and then when the whole pants thing happened, I told her, (she knows and understands my Azerothian avocation), and we laughed our heads off. Too damn funny! I explained how only one poor elf had to die, but these were magical elf pants! She suggested I make a miniature pair of these magical elf pants and put them as a ward or totem of sorts in my new (old) space -what a great idea! Our new motto is going to be "I Have Elf Pants." 

Believe me, she and I are at the point of not being ashamed of putting magical supernatural aid tokens around our work environment. 

This image is here because I just like Dawnbeard's style.  That is all.
See? There are stories of players being cool and polite--good karma all 'round!!

But the other cool thing was a buddy as me to run on Zep in Naxxramas and I got that crazy hand off-hand thing. Nothing like a "handbag" to keep my stuff in! Get it?! Okay, I'll hand over the puns now. 

Finally, third and magical charm: Lots of /hugs from player friends, and could sleep in peace. 

And I got pants.


  1. OMG! Is it possible to roll twice, that sounds just like something I'd do without noticing.

    I'm happy you acquired Magical Peaceful Sleeping Pants!

    1. I am not really clear on exactly what happened; perhaps this player rolled on another item...but someone took up my cause eithout my prompting and it is encouraging that the player didi the right thing without my having to do anything, really. Who knew pixel pixie pants could hold so much power?

  2. I am not sure how pants make you sleep better, but I'm glad you are feeling better.

    1. Navi, along with my title of Queen of the Dorks, I am also known as the Queen of Metaphors. The pants represent friendliness, and when folks are friendly, it eases my heart, my stress, and I can sleep better. You are a funny Druid, Navi!


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