Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roadblocks removed: Tome and Matty's Excellent Adventure -- All Clues!

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Due to unforeseen highway construction projects, the Tome & Matty's Excellent Adventure has been extended, and here are the final clues, rules, etc.:

Round I: Way-Out in Outlands...

The Rules:

1. Read the blog for clues. New clues will be posted with the regularity and frequency as time allows, but I do have a deadline, and that is June 17th. Unexpected construction! Deadline has been extended to June 24.There will be fabulous prizes! Yes, yes a pony! The clues will be posted with plenty of time to try, so don't freak out. I am going to ask Tome if she could host the winners, results on her blog that week, as I will be under construction myself. No, not plastic surgery. Although....

2. Try to find the secret locations: this round will have eight, and in Outlands. You will need an add-on that shows the coordinates, and screenshots should include this information. When you submit your screenshot, also please add the details of your find, the coordinates, and anything interesting that happened along the way.

3. You must, absolutely, must go on a land mount only. If you cheat, we have no way of knowing. But you will know, and the RNGs will know, and bring shame upon your family. Just sayin'.

4. This is important: Do not, please, do not submit anything to my or Tome's blogs. Only submit your screenshot and verification of the spot to our contest email:

Note: This is a road rally, with timers, and such--it has a winner in time, so in your screenshot and message, put the a time stamp on it. If you have already submitted your entries, those who submitted first-come, first-served is the order. Don't hate, just have fun.

First Clue:

In the forest of Terokkar
Staring eyes haunt you
Chilling and cold
and though you may have traveled from afar
be brave when crossing
this terrifying threshold

...these are no ordinary lepidoteras
their pixie dust is fatal
but for Outland quests, this is a beginning
where the journey is in its cradle

Second Clue:

Rock of Ages isn't just a movie
This is where you go when things are not groovy
Seek out this place, and you will get tired
Sit and stay awhile, what's your hurry?

Third Clue:

If you eat these shrooms you will see double
And watch your step, there is bound to be trouble
Just there, in that knoll...
Watch out, there may be a troll

Fourth Clue:

The inhabitants here seem nonchalant
and even, perhaps, a bit gallant
But in their pool you try to fish
You will quickly soon wish
That you were somewhere else
Perhaps Vermont?

Fifth Clue:

There are trinkets and talisman
Sold from this gent
He will offer you protection 
Drop our names and tell him
it was us who you we sent
(but don't expect a discount, he hasn't that level of dedication)

Sixth Clue:

You can stand before this fearsome mother
If you get over your phobias and fears
There are many who can't be tamed
but if you treat her gently, hunters,
This one can be claimed

Seventh Clue:

The children of Azeroth need care
See if you can help this one
Lost in the ravages of war

Eighth and Final Clue:

There is a long tunnel
Similar to life
It twists, turns and pours us through a funnel
Full of joy and strife
What will you bring with you?
And what will you leave behind?
Let us know your story
(and don't leave out parts that are gory!)

(Seriously --watch and dance)

The prize:
Winner will receive an e-bay gift certificate for $50 to go toward a TCG mount or a Heart of the Aspect Mount

Theme Song: Route 66

*Thanks to Tome for creating that great image!
AND -lest I forget (it was early when I wrote this) Tome did all the heavy lifting to find Outland spots!


  1. Sure I'll host them while renovations go on. If it looks like the clues are too tough can I do a cheater post and give hints like what zone each clue is in? Let me know, won't cheat unless I'm allowed so I'm kind of an honest cheater, lol.

    1. Please! (See me tossing the keys to your capable hands?! As long as this stays more Bill & Ted than Thelma & Louis!! [I crack myself up]). I just got a DUII (Derping Under the Influence of Ice Crown?) It's not cheating -- it's "hinting!"


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