Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Part II: Sweet

I was debating on not trying to raid with my new guild last night for a few reasons (still reeling from some things), but decided to go ahead. Last night would be my third time with them. They were missing their rogue with his legendary daggers, his deeps, and though I was the only melee, (MAY-LAY folks!) it was commented on how much they missed his skills. (Code: Matty, step it up, girl!) From the short interaction with him, I thought he seemed like a jovial enough fellow, and missed his presence.

You know - the thing is--when we go into any new situation it takes a while to get to know one another. I was telling leet young Druid I wish I could have gone in there, first time, and been the "rockstar." Been that player that's all cool and stuff, and gone pew-pew-pew, toppled the charts on deeps and the crowd goes WILD! Instead it was more of me singing in a hairbrush mic in front of the mirror, and the reality check was when learning new fights, playstyles, etc., I just don't have the chops.


But last night, trying to go bang-boom-bong on some virtual monsters was the perfect medicine. The grooves in my brain forgot my real life for a bit, which was the antidote. I cannot share with my new guild what they actually did for me, and though I told the raid leader I know I can do better, he said all the DPS could, because Ultraxion was problematic (and that one is so damn easy!).

Back to the missing rogue.

So when a guildmate said, "I sure miss Dash and his OP-ness."


Say that out loud: OP-ness

I asked, "Does he have a legendary penis?"


This is a pretty fun game.

Part I: Bitter


  1. ROTFL! And you know I actually did have to say that out loud before I got it!

    1. They thought I was quite clever. :)

  2. OMG I said it out loud too!!! That is epic!!


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